Katt Williams’ weekend in Seattle really couldn’t have gone worse. He was arrested four times, kicked out of four hotels, hit with a summons to appear in court and now, could potentially lose $301,000 on the stupidest nautical-related impulse offer I’ve ever heard. But hey, at least every single man, woman and child in Washington will know the comedian was there by the time he leaves.

During an interview with KOMO in which he accuses the police force of painting him as a public menace, Williams told the outlet he’s offered the government $301,000 for the Washington State Ferry Rhododendron, which recently went up for auction and failed to sell. He wants to move his family, his animals and his staff members onto the vessel so it can serve as a makeshift hotel until his upcoming court date. Following that, he’d like to keep it as his home base in order to file a $50 million lawsuit against the city of Seattle for “cripping” his reputation “as a father and a black man and as a taxpaying citizen and as a person who is not a convicted felon”.

Here’s what Williams had to say about the city he used to love…
”This was a place I like to bring my kids and let them do stuff without people caring who they were.”

As for stand-up comedy, Williams says he’s done with it. He’s talked it over with his family. He doesn’t want to perform, and they’re apparently okay with it. If he follows through on his promise, it’s unclear what he might do as a profession or to kill time, but as long as he stays out of the headlines, it will be an improvement. In just the past few weeks, he’s been accused of leading police on a high speed chase, walking into a Target and bitch slapping an employee and most recently, throwing a lit cigarette at a woman’s face. Sometimes no news is good news.



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