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Katt Williams Arrested For Throwing A Lit Cigarette At A Woman's Eye

Katt Williams may have successfully evaded police twice last weekend, but the comedian wasn’t quite as successful staying out of jail this weekend. Last night, he was reportedly inside a bar in Seattle when some kind of argument between himself and the establishment’s manager began.

The specifics of what happened are still a bit fuzzy, but according to TMZ. Williams allegedly threatened the head employee with a pool cue. After being told to leave, he reportedly followed a family outside, threw a lit cigarette at a woman’s eye and fired a rock at her car while she was leaving. Authorities arrived on the scene not long afterwards, and Williams was hauled off to jail. He’s currently being investigated for harassment, assault and obstructing police. If all three charges move forward, he could be looking at some real jail time, and that’s to say nothing of all the other recent incidents still being investigated.

In just the past few weeks, Williams has been accused of leading Sacramento police on a high speed chase while driving a three wheeled motorcycle and bitch slapping a Target employee for no apparent reason whatsoever. He was also sued by a group of his own fans for putting on a terrible show that reportedly ended less than ten minutes after it started.

Williams was bailed out of jail by his tour manager Suge Knight. Hopefully, this will be the last we hear about the comedian’s personal problems for awhile.

Mack Rawden

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