Lamar Odom Is In Rehab, Will He Kick The Habit?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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After weeks of negative publicity, a driving under the influence arrest and rumors of serious marital problems, Lamar Odom has reportedly taken one giant NBA player-sized step toward recovery. Hes apparently checked into rehab, and while details are still very fuzzy on the specifics, if true, its great news for his fans, his family members and most importantly, himself.

Two different sources confirmed the news to People, and in the time since, US Weekly has confirmed with its own sources. Neither outlet has offered anything in the way of details, but considering Los Angeles is overflowing with rehab centers employing pretty much every philosophy imaginable, he certainly should have been able to find a place to his liking.

Odom had some minor problems with marijuana busts during his first few years in the league, but for a long stretch in the 00s, he was able to right the ship and greatly contribute to two Lakers NBA Championship teams. During his final season with the team, however, his behavior became a little bit erratic. Two years ago in Dallas, it got so bad the Mavericks actually sent him home. Last summer, he secretly checked into a San Diego rehab clinic and was able to get it together to contribute for the Clippers last season, but over the past few months, his life has spiraled out of control.

In all likelihood, Odom has one chance to get it together if he ever wants to play in the NBA again. If he is able to get completely clean and work out like a madman for an entire year, someone will take a chance on him next season. Hes just too damn talented, but if hes unable to work himself back in shape or checks out of rehab early, Im not sure hell ever score another point. Id like to think that will be enough encouragement, but Im really not sure.

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Will Lamar Kick His Drug Habit?


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