No one holds a grudge better than the IRS. People might be able to get away with cheating on their taxes for a few years, but once the Internal Revenue Service gets someone in its crosshairs, its workers don’t stop threatening and seizing until the debt is paid off. Numerous celebrities have discovered as much over the past few decades, and now, it seems Lindsay Lohan will soon add her name to those sordid ranks.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the federal government has seized all of Lohan’s bank accounts in order to force her into paying her outstanding bill. Last month, her tab was reported to be $233,904. Her buddy Charlie Sheen reportedly knocked off $100,000 of that with an unexpected and appreciated check, but rumor has it Lohan didn’t pay her taxes last year either. So, the entire figure might be a hell of a lot higher than either of those numbers.

With salaries totaling more than two million dollars in 2012, it’s unclear why Lindsay wasn’t able to immediately handle this. If she paid half in taxes and half on the remaining half on living expenses, she still would have had five hundred thousand dollars to settle up this tax bill. Unfortunately for her, with every poorly received film and every negative news story, she becomes a bit less employable, and her chances of digging herself out of this hole become that much bleaker.



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