If the Family Feud asked one hundred people what the right amount of time for a couple to date before getting engaged is, I would imagine two and three years would be the most popular answers. Under a year and there’s questions about whether you really know the person. Over four years and there’s questions about why the guy couldn’t commit sooner. It’s within that two-to-three year window that everyone seems comfortable with, apparently including Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.

The two got together a little less than three years ago on the set of The Last Song. He’d just moved from Australia in a failed attempted to the land the coveted Thor role. She was trying to break into real movies, and something about the chemistry just clicked. They began seeing each other almost immediately, and following a few break-ups early in the relationship, they’ve been together ever since.

On May 31st, he reportedly popped the question while on bended knee, and she said yes, sliding the 3.5-carat ring he picked out onto the proper finger. The happy news broke earlier today with a joyful statement in which she expressed her excitement at being together with Liam for the rest of her life, but despite her optimism and the window the couple abided by, many are still expressing skepticism at the long-term potential of a future marriage.

At only nineteen, she’s a bit on the young side considering it’s not 1870, and at twenty-two, he’s got a few more miles on his car. Those aren’t guaranteed predictors of failure, but they are signs the two might have to work a little harder than most other couples.

I’m crossing my fingers this will work out, but I’m not sure I’d take any money to Vegas on it. What do you think? Are you confident Liam and Miley’s marriage will work out? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below….

How Long Do You Think The Marriage Will Last?

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