Carly Rae’s Jepsen has already proved she has the chops to make a hit with “Call Me Maybe,” and her newest single is nearly as catchy. Called “Tonight I’m Getting Over You,” the singer’s fourth single from her second studio album, Kiss, is about a break-up, but it’s still surprisingly peppy.

The “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” music video shows some candid moments between Jepsen and a slightly handsome dude who favors a beanie. The two are pretty hot and heavy at the beginning of the video, but as things progress, the pop singer is less and less enthusiastic about her sort-of relationship with the dude in the black hat. Though the song is about ending things, it’s surprisingly hopeful and about as catchy as fans have come to expect from a Jepsen song. Jepsen’s at her best when she uses her voice as a tool to portray emotion, and this time around, she hits nearly all of the right notes.

After embarking on a North American tour this fall, Jepsen can currently be caught on tour overseas through March. You can check out her upcoming tour dates via her website. If you’re super down with “Tonight I’m Getting Over You,” the singer is currently holding a contest for best lyric video with the winners earning concert tickets and a meet and greet.



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