Kanye West has had a pretty big weekend. Not only did he appear as the musical guest during this week’s Saturday Night Live finale, he also premiered the video for the brand new track, “New Slaves,” in various cities across the world. On Friday night, 66 cities, including domestic cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York and other cities, including Toronto and Berlin, were privy to the brand new track. Thanks to tons of video footage of the live events, those who weren’t around to see the video projections on buildings can check them out for themselves.

The video footage is all over YouTube, but we thought this one provided better imagery than some of the videos taken on camera phones. Check out the video (courtesy of Rolling Stone), and take a look at Kanye’s face against the brick of the building while he darkly raps about the results of spending everything you have on material possessions.

Kanye’s been busy gearing up to release his newest studio album, and it looks like there won’t be many party anthems this time around. Instead, West seems to be favoring music with a darker tone. Considering Kanye West is super into fashion and looking fly and his girlfriend and soon to be Baby Mama, Kim Kardashian, is all about the brand names, this song seems a little hypocritical, but if it sells copies, it sells copies. The new album, Yeezus is set to be released on June 18.

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