Prince William Saves Girl Swept Out To Sea

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Prince William and his Royal Air Force team were returning from a training exercise yesterday when they received a call that two young girls had been swept out to sea and were in danger of drowning. Already inside the Sea King helicopter, they were able to arrive at Cymyran Beach in under a minute. While Prince William, or Flight Lt Wales as heís known to his crew, piloted, the other members winched the girl to safety.

Thankfully, the younger of the two girls was able to swim to the shore on her own, and according to The Mirror, all involved are expected to recover completely. The mission was the first high profile one for the Royal who was upgraded from Search and Rescue Pilot to Captain at the beginning of June. As of now, he participates in regular shifts like the other men, but in the coming years, heís expected to become an instructor. The change should allow him to make more appearances for the Royal Family without losing his commitment to the Royal Air Force.

As for the girl who was rescued, she hasnít spoken publically, but I imagine sheís still dumbfounded about being saved by Prince William. Thereís no way she saw that coming, but itíll certainly be a hell of a story for the sixteen-year-old to tell her children when she grows up.

Hereís to hoping this isnít the last time William will be able to save a life while at work.
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