Queens Of The Stone Age Debut New Song At Lollapalooza Brazil

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago
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Thereís nothing better to start off the week than a brand new track from Queens of the Stone Age. The band headed to Brazil this weekend to perform during Lollapalooza Brazil . The Sao Paulo performance featured the band debuting a brand new track called ďMy God is the Sun,Ē which you can see in the above video. If you are at a family gathering and canít give a listen to the track, donít forget to bookmark it, because itís worth a listen.

The song is fast and loud and during the live performance, we can hear Josh Hommeís vocals above all else, but some of the eerie sounds showing up later in the song adds a little something to the live quality. Itís hard to tell from this one video if this will be similar to the sound of the entire album or if this is just a sampling, though. NME is also reporting this is the first performance the band has put together with new drummer Jon Theodore, a man who seems to take his hairdo as seriously as his music.

The last time Queens of the Stone Age put out an album was in 2007, with Era Vulgaris. The bandís sixth studio album will be titled ÖLike Clockwork and will be released this coming June. Both Dave Grohl and Elton John have been confirmed for the new album. Brief snippets of new music are available via the QOTSA website.
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