Being a celebrity makes the separation of “what’s mine is mine” and “what’s yours is yours” a little bit more difficult. If a celebrity break up is especially bad, the famous twosome may no longer be able to show up at the same events or soirees. This seems to hold true of the now-notorious Katy Perry and Russell Brand split that occurred over the holidays.

The People’s Choice Awards are coming up, and Perry is up for seven of them. That’s a hefty number of awards for anyone to be nominated for. The People’s Choice Award may not quite be a Grammy, but Perry will likely be there to collect a trophy or four. However, her ex, Brand, will no longer be in attendance. Not because the couple mutually decided to not show up at the same events. Instead, planners for the L.A. event have simply decided to uninvite the less prestigious member of that power couple. It’s Perry’s day, damnit.

The Mirror is reporting planners always knew the experience of the couple occupying the same space would be awkward. Cutting out Brand will both cut out that awkwardness and cut back on the celebrity speculation over the event. The real question is: would Brand have even bothered showing up knowing Perry would be there? I’d put my money on probably not, but who knows how deeply the couple's spite for one another really runs?

See if Perry nabs any awards when the People’s Choice Awards air January 11 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.



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