Taylor Swift’s romantic life might be a constant source of tabloid fodder, but ahead of the Academy of Country Music Awards, she’s decided to go public with the identity of her date. The name of the lucky guy is Kevin McGuire, and he’s an eighteen-year-old currently undergoing cancer treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He’s courageously fought the disease on and off since his initial diagnosis at thirteen, but now he has a big day to look forward to.

The impetus for the meet-up began on Facebook. McGuire’s sister decided to start a Facebook page to try and convince Swift to take her brother to his senior prom. She never expected the proposal to gain much traction, but within a few days, thousands of fellow users joined the cause. Then yesterday, the singer took to her own Facebook page to regretfully say no to the invitation. She apparently had a prior commitment for the particular date, but as a conciliation prize, she invited McGuire to attend the ACM Awards as her date.

According to USA Today, the euphoric teenager quickly accepted, provided he’s healthy enough to make it to Las Vegas on April 1st. If he winds up having as good of a time as the marine who took Timberlake to her ball last year, he’ll have a memory to last the rest of his long life.

Pop Blend wishes Swift and McGuire nothing but the best for their upcoming date, as well as sends out a high-five to the boy’s awesome sister for swinging for the fences.



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