Bronson Pelletier, best known for playing one of Jacob’s buddies in the Twilight movies, had two separate run-ins with the police at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday. Officers nicely let him off the hook following the first encounter, but after they were forced to return to deal with his drunken BS, they decided enough was enough and hauled him off to jail.

According to TMZ, the first of the incidents happened around 11:30 AM. A flight crew reportedly radioed into LAX police and told them an intoxicated young man was causing problems prior to takeoff. Upon arrival, they hauled Pelletier off the plane and told him to wait in the terminal and catch a later flight after sobering up. Unfortunately, they were called back two hours later after the actor allegedly peed right by the gate inside the terminal.

Considering there are dozens of bathrooms inside the airport, there obviously wasn’t any excuse for the young man’s behavior. He was handcuffed, taken into the station and charged with a misdemeanor. When all is said and done, he’ll likely only receive a slap on the wrist, but whatever he gets will still be far more annoying than if he’d just drunk less and taken his originally scheduled plane.

As of press time, Pelletier hasn’t bothered explaining his behavior publically. If he does offer up an excuse, we’ll make sure and bring it to you. Otherwise, think of him during better times—perhaps one of the many moments he’s been seen on film with his shirt off.



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