Last night, the heavily-favored Vancouver Canucks were throttled by the Boston Bruins inside their own barn. The loss marked the second time in the last twenty years the championship-less city came within one game of victory, but alas, it was not to be. After the loss, the fans inside Rogers Arena were mostly respectful, save the standard boos for commissioner Gary Bettman, but the scene outside in downtown Vancouver quickly turned scary.

Fueled by decades of frustration and alcohol, hordes of young men began overturning cars, smashing windows and confronting police officers. Hundreds of people ended up in the hospital and scores more were arrested. According to CNN, Vancouver's mayor issued a statement this morning, calling the acts of vandalism “shameful”.

It's hard to disagree with Mayor Gregor Robertson's assessment. Riots, regardless of what they're over, are always a product of misplaced rage, but the difference between taking to the streets to protest living conditions or an unfair regime and breaking shit because you're mad about a hockey game is clear and pronounced. Take a look at some footage below:

It has been argued by numerous interested parties that all the above mayhem stemmed from a few dozen out of control young men. This is both true and misleading. Most Vancouver citizens were not rioting in any conventional sense of the word, but they were cheering and egging on the idiots causing the damage. How does this happen? How do random people just decide they're okay with widescale destruction of property in their own city? If all of this sounds familiar, it's probably because it happened before. Take a look at footage from the 1994 Vancouver riots following the Canucks loss to the New York Rangers:

Hockey game riots don't solve anything. They just make the entire city look incompetent and frivolous, especially the second time around.



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