Watch The Most Awkward And Hilarious News Bloopers Of 2012

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Most newscasts may go off without a hitch, but since there are hundreds of local stations putting out broadcasts each day, chances are at least one of them is going south in a particularly hilarious way. Most of us donít have time to scan over each one to soak up the awkward hilarity, but luckily, the nice folks over at Funny Local News do.

Yesterday, the YouTube account put out an almost fifteen minute montage of the funniest news bloopers of 2012, and it is more than worth a watch. Go ahead and take a look at the greatness belowÖ

There are a lot of great moments embedded in that footage, but I think my favorites are the woman talking about the basketball game ending in a tie, the dude telling the news anchor he wasnít the one who swore or the correspondent talking about her own paleness before being told sheís on the air and immediately getting into character. All of the Superstorm Sandy ones are, of course, funny too.

The great thing about a blooper reel is that it holds your attention longer than a standard video. More than thirteen minutes might be an eternity for a normal clip, but since new people are being shown every twenty or thirty seconds, it never loses momentum.

Hereís to hoping 2013ís version is filled with even more goofy live television moments.
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