Rihanna left the MTV Video Music Awards a big winner tonight thanks to her Moon Man for “We Found Love”, but even if she didn’t wind up collecting a statue, she likely would have had fans talking tomorrow thanks to the utterly bizarre performance she offered up. Clad in red and planted atop a giant chair, the pop star gyrated her way through a rendition of “Cockiness” before electrifying the crowd by busting into “We Found Love”.

I have no idea who designed these costumes or why the dance movies are so odd, but there’s something extremely fascinating about every second of this five minute clip. Take a look below…

In twenty years, we’re all going to look back and roll our eyes at the first half of this performance, much as we do now with some old Madonna and Cyndi Lauper footage, but even so, we'll still be blown away by how big of a star Rihanna was in this moment. There's something about her face, her personality and her mannerisms that light up the crowd and tickle the camera. She's great at her job, even if her outfit choices are sometimes less than spectacular.



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