On a Thursday in a stage-set cafe, Taylor Swift sang "Begin Again." While some may argue that Swift's music is marginally country, at best, these days - particularly in her latest album Red - the pop star is still associated enough with the genre to appear before cheering crowds at events like the Country Music Association Awards. The award ceremony aired live on ABC last night, during which Swift performed her Red single "Begin Again." Watch the video ahead!

Back in September, Swift performed her single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at the VMAs, hot on the heels of the release of the music video for the hit song. The timing seems to be just as right for "Begin Again," as the Red single's music video debuted late last month on Swift's VEVO account.

Swift's CMA performance had her singing in front of a pretty Parisian background, including the mentioned cafe, which is where Swift "watched it begin again." Watch the video below (via EW):

Red certainly suits her, and given the success of the album, it's fitting to celebrate the color. For those who haven't seen the new music video, here it is.



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