Nashville police were called to Taylor Swift’s house early this morning after an unidentified man was spotted hopping the fence surrounding her property. Upon arrival, authorities discovered Wisconsin native Jacob Kulke. He reportedly told police he was the pop star’s boyfriend, but the excuse did not fly with the responders.

According to TMZ, Kulke took a bus from Wisconsin in an effort to spend Taylor’s birthday with her, which was Thursday. He reportedly told officers he was in contact with someone from Swift’s camp via social media, but as of press time, it’s unclear who that might have been or whether that person exists. After talking at the scene, the trespasser was arrested at around 1:45 AM, booked and placed in a local jail. He’s currently behind bars and reportedly unable to pay the $10,000 bond. Given his history of criminal convictions (battery, disorderly conduct and drug possession), he could be looking at serious jail time.

In recent weeks, Swift has begun the early stages of a relationship with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles. They’ve been spotted out and about on numerous occasions, but given their schedules and how quickly each has gone through relationships in the past, it’s unclear how long the connection might last. Swift has several properties throughout the United States so, it’s unclear whether she was in Nashville or en route to Nashville when the incident with Kulke happened. We’ll keep you updated if any new information becomes available.



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