24 Might Come Back With One Huge Change image
Everyone's favorite real time action drama could be returning. That's right folks, 24 is back in discussions at Fox, with talks of potentially reviving series for another installment. Oh, there's only one catch you may want to know about... and it's a pretty big one.
William Fanelli 2015-01-18
Will We Get More 24? Here's What Kiefer Sutherland Says image
For eight seasons, Fox’s 24 enticed viewers with a format set over the course of an hour, following Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer as he protected America from terrorism. New life was breathed into the series with 24: Live Another Day and this week Sutherland spoke out to explain whether or not there will be more 24.
Jessica Rawden 2014-12-18
24: Live Another Day Could Have Ended Much Differently image
24: Live Another Day being set up as a "limited series event" meant that the finale could have ended any number of ways. Series creator Howard Gordon has revealed a couple scenarios that had been discussed about how 24: Live Another Day would wrap up, and it's at this point that you should walk away if you're still not caught up on the Fox drama, which wrapped up its final episode last night, and don't want to be spoiled!
Kelly West 2014-07-15
24: Live Another Day Debuts To Solid Ratings image
Jack Bauer returned last night, and he brought a lot of his fans with him. The ratings for 24: Live Another Day's premiere are in, and after some time zone adjustments, it looks like the event series performed well, coming in behind its 2010 Season 8 premiere numbers, but not by much, which is particularly impressive when factoring in Fox's overall ratings these days by comparison to four years ago.
Kelly West 2014-05-06
24: Live Another Day Counts Down Its Return With New Teasers image
There's nothing quite like the soothing voice of Jack Bauer urging someone to do something quickly and quietly at gunpoint. That's what Fox has given us to tease 24: Live Another Day, which is officially just a week away! Based on the teaser, it looks like Jack needs to get something done fast and quietly.
Kelly West 2014-04-28
24: Live Another Day Gives Us A Look Behind The Scenes With New Videos And Special image
24: Live Another Day: Jack is Back is actually the multi-coloned title of Fox’s upcoming half-hour long BTS special, which they will air on Saturday, May 3. The video above is presumably the first section of the special, and you can find the following three segments on Fox’s website.
Nick Venable 2014-04-16
24: Live Another Day Gets A Thrilling Extended Trailer image
24: Live Another Day is 24 days away from premiering and to celebrate, Fox has released this new movie-style trailer, which shows Jack Bauer on the run and being treated like a terrorist. We also get a glimpse of some of the other characters, including his once trusted sidekick Chloe, who doesn't seem to be very supportive of his efforts, or at the very least, she doesn't think they'll do much good. But for Jack, there's no going back.
Kelly West 2014-04-11
24 Full Series Now Available Streaming On Amazon Prime, 24: Live Another Day To Stream Later This Year image
If the trailers for 24: Live Another Day have had you itching for a full-on 24 catch-up binge-watch, Amazon Prime is making it a possibility. That is, assuming you have a Prime subscription and a lot of time on your hands. Consider eight seasons, each consisting of 24 episodes. You have about a month between now and the premiere of 24: Live Another Day to make it happen.
Kelly West 2014-04-01
Jack Bauer Is Targeted In New 24: Live Another Day Trailer image
Every second counts in 24: Live Another Day, or so says the new trailer for the anticipated event series, which shows Jack Bauer being treated like a criminal. Honestly, what more does that man have to do for the world not to be treated like a terrorist or potential assassin? Of course, what fun would it be if Jack were actually treated like the hero he is?
Kelly West 2014-03-25
24: Live Another Day Trailer Teases Another Rough Day For Jack Bauer image
May 5 is still months away, though it feels like an eternity, especially for those who've endured months of cold weather and are eager for Spring. But on the bright side, we're now close enough to the premiere of 24: Live Another Day to see some actual footage from the event series, which has Jack Bauer back in action and on the run in London.
Kelly West 2014-03-10
24: Live Another Day Photos Show Us Jack, Chloe And Some New Faces image
Who's making Jack Bauer surrender his weapon? Don't they know that Jack Bauer is a human weapon capable of thwarting terrorists, assassins and other problem causers the world over? You can make Jack Bauer put down his gun, but if you think that'll stop him, you may be disappointed. The above photo is just one of a bunch of pictures Fox released to tease 24: Live Another Day.
Kelly West 2014-03-07
Jack And Chloe Look Beat Up And Angry Amidst London Chaos In 24: Live Another Day Teaser image
London is a mess. Cars are overturned and burning. People are running and then there's the sight of two very familiar, very beloved characters stumbling into the street. One of them has a gun. The other looks irritated, but that's ok. She usually does. The man raises the gun and fires off a few rounds, then lets out a rage-filled scream.
Kelly West 2014-02-02
Tate Donovan Takes It To The White House In 24: Live Another Day image
FOX is stacking the deck of its latest event series, the reboot of its hit television series, 24, as evidenced by the announcement that Tate Donovan (Damages) will join the cast of the Jack Bauer epic. Officially titled 24: Live Another Day because the Kiefer Sutherland-fronted project is going for a James Bond-ian theme, Donovan will inhabit the role of Mark Boudreau, the White House Chief of Staff.
Alicia Lutes 2014-01-22
24: Live Another Day Premiere Date Set For May, Yvonne Strahovski Joins Cast image
Jack Bauer will live another day on Monday, May 5. Fox finally announced the premiere date of their anticipated event series 24: Live Another Day, along with word that Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski has joined the cast. Fox also announced the premiere dates for their new comedy Surviving Jack and drama Gang Related.
Kelly West 2014-01-13
24: Live Another Day Adds Kim Raver And William Devane image
Earlier this week, Fox passed along word that the production of 24: Live Another Day was headed across the pond to London for "a thrilling international adventure." The clock has restarted on this series, and it's on London time! Today comes word that Kim Raver and the gold-peddling William Devane are signed on for the event series, which is due to air next summer on Fox.
Kelly West 2013-10-04
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