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Episodes Season 2 Teaser Has Matt LeBlanc Calling His Old Friends Co-Stars image
The previously released teaser for the upcoming second season of Episodes focuses heavily on series star Matt LeBlanc. Understandably so, given his Friends-earned fame and recent Golden Globe win for playing the role of Matt LeBlanc in the Showtime comedy. The latest TV spot released for the series also focuses on LeBlanc and some of the ridiculous things he says and does, but also showcases the relationship between LeBlanc and Stephen Mangan's character Sean.
Kelly West 2012-05-04
Traffic Light Review: Fox Comedy Shows Definite Promise image
Im going to admit to being somewhat indifferent about Foxs new comedy series Traffic Light prior to having seen it because on paper, it sounded like your run-of-the-mill couples-themed sitcom. In reality, it is, but theres a lot to love about this series.
Kelly West 2011-02-07
5 Signs Your Show's Writers Have Run Out of Ideas image
If the main character just woke out of an episode-long dream sequence, then things have gone real bad in the writing room. Follow this helpful little guide to know if a television writer's creative juices have just stopped flowing.
Doug Norrie 2009-11-16
Matthew Perry Working On A New TV Comedy image
It appears that Friends star Matthew Perry is getting back into television. Word is, Perry is working on an untitled single-camera comedy, which is being pitched to networks this week.
Kelly West 2009-10-13
Sitcom Theme Song Sing-A-Long image
A memorable theme song (complete with lyrics) seems like something of a rarity for TV shows these days. Sure, some shows still have some kind of music playing during the opening credits, while others run the credits right through the beginning of the episode and skip the song altogether.
Kelly West 2009-09-12
Eric McCormack Leads A Cavalcade Of ABC Pilot Casting image
Eric McCormack is returning to network television comedy, and this time hes not gay. Right? Because on Will & Grace he played a gay character. Ive never been so tempted to use an emoticon thus removing the last remnants of my soul in a news story before.
Steve West 2009-03-18
Top Five Worst TV Romances image
Ok, I'll admit I have a tendency to get caught up in TV romances. If the chemistry is there and the acting and writing is good, there's nothing like seeing two great characters get together. Even those dragged out on-again-off-agains can be fun to watch when done right. But let's face it; not all TV relationships are great. In fact, Katey and I came up with a handful of ones that were downright terrible.
Kelly West And Katey Rich 2008-09-24
The Clicker Goes On Vacation image
As sitcom people are supposed to be regular people, its understandable that theyd want to get away every now and then. Sometimes their vacations take place off camera and are only referenced in passing. And then there are the vacations we get to see, when the characters leave home and head off to some scenic location for an episode or two.
Kelly West 2007-12-09
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