Doctor Who Watch 8.4 - Listen image
This week's Doctor Who ranks up there with the likes of other Steven Moffat masterpieces as "Blink." It might even have bold implications for the future of the show. Suffice it to say, if you missed this week's Doctor Who, you missed a lot.
Mike Reyes 2014-09-14
Doctor Who's Lesbian Kiss Scene Gets Censored image
As far as the history of controversial shows goes, Doctor Who isn't exactly a name you hear mentioned often in its pages. Yet this season has seen two of its first three episodes edited, albeit for two different reasons.
Mike Reyes 2014-09-04
A Major Doctor Who Game Changer May Be Happening This Christmas image
When Doctor Who returns later this month, fans will begin the process of getting to know the twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. From what's being reported, a new Doctor isn't the only major change headed to the beloved sci-fi series. If you're averse to major spoilers about Doctor Who, you want to stop reading now!
Kelly West 2014-08-17
Orphan Black Renewed For Season 3 image
BBC America is cloning another season of Orphan Back! The network made the official announcement at the Television Critics Association press tour today that they've ordered a third season of their excellently thrilling clone-focused drama series. Along with Broadchurch, Orphan Black will return for its new season in 2015.
Kelly West 2014-07-09
The Last Kingdom Is Being Adapted For A TV Series image
BBC America, BBC Two and Carnival Films are teaming up to bring Bernard Cornwell's best-selling book series The Saxon Stories to the small screen. BBC America announced the news today that Stephen Butchard is set to adapt Cornwell's stories for a series titled The Last Kingdom. The announcement promises a series full of heroic deeds and epic battles, packed with politics, religion, warfare, courage, love, loyalty and "our universal search for identity."
Kelly West 2014-07-09
Doctor Who Season 8 Scripts Leak Online image
Scripts for Peter Capaldiís brand new Doctor Who season have leaked online. The BBC officially announced the news on Monday, noting that five scripts from the upcoming Season 8 have officially reached the masses on the Internet.
Jessica Rawden 2014-07-07
Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere Date Set, New Teaser Trailer Arrives image
A new season of Doctor Who is always a reason to celebrate, but there is even more buzz surrounding this summerís premiere, as it marks the rise of a new Doctor, this time played by actor Peter Capaldi. The new actorís appearance has been a long time coming.
Jessica Rawden 2014-06-27
Orphan Black's 5 Most Jaw-Dropping Season 2 Shocks And Reveals image
One of our favorite new shows of 2013, Orphan Black deftly twines genres together like DNA strands, mixing a science fiction concept with a conspiracy thriller and imbuing it with dark comedy, suspense, action and every different kind of a romance you can think of. And holy Tilda Swinton, the shocking twists!
Nick Venable 2014-06-23
Mira Sorvino Is Part Of A Death-Soaked Puzzle In First Intruders Trailer image
The promo somehow manages to remain just as cryptic as everything else weíve seen, which I take as a sign of a good mystery, rather than the flag-raising of a series that doesnít understand itself.
Nick Venable 2014-06-22
Doctor Who World Tour Featuring Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman And Steven Moffat Kicks Off In August image
Of course BBC America and BBC Worldwide would want to make the introduction of the new Doctor a big affair, which is why they're launching a global world tour to officially introduce Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Peter Capaldi, who's playing the Twelfth Doctor in the beloved sci-fi series Doctor Who, will be joined by Jenna Coleman...
Kelly West 2014-06-10
Doctor Who Season 8 Teaser Confirms An August Premiere  image
The new Doctor Who lands this August! Or so says the new teaser that BBC America has released, giving fans of the series a silhouetted glimpse of Peter Capaldi's Doctor, reminding fans that the seventh season of Doctor Who closed out with a Christmas Special ("The Time of the Doctor"), that saw the exit of the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, and the arrival of the Twelfth Doctor...
Kelly West 2014-05-23
In The Flesh Season 2: A Look Back And A Look Ahead image
For those unfamiliar with In The Flesh, the post-zombie series is a BBC drama which airs on BBC America in the U.S. If you didnít get on board for the first round, or need a bit of a refresher course, hereís a look at what you missed during In The Fleshís short first season, and what you should be looking forward to.
Jessica Rawden 2014-05-09
Orphan Black's Ratings Actually Weren't As Bad As Advertised  image
Saturday night is a tough slot for any series, but especially a series that is trying to garner interest from younger viewers, who still spend plenty of time out and about. Clearly it seems that audiences are digging the clone-oriented drama, just maybe not while they are out to dinner or bar hopping.
Jessica Rawden 2014-04-27
Orphan Black Season 2 Debuts To A Copyright Lawsuit And Mediocre Ratings image
Iím not going to point any fingers here, but I will say that if youíre going to conceive a show about a clone, there are only so many things you can do with it that donít involve discovering more clones and trying to seek out the source. I have to assume that Orphan Blackís lukewarm ratings are the reason why all the other networks arenít putting their own clone dramas into development.
Nick Venable 2014-04-21
Orphan Black Refresher: 5 Key Questions To Remember Before Season 2 image
Yes, weíre huge fans of Orphan Black and its co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, who have promised even more slam-banging, head-scratching, eye-fooling fun in Season 2, which begins on Saturday night at 9 p.m. ET. And we want you to be just as jazzed about it as we are, so weíre offering up a simple primer guide to the mysteries the first season introduced, so you can jump right into the high-stakes shenanigans that Sarah and her genetic sisters will be getting into.
Nick Venable 2014-04-17
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