Homeland Recap: Season 3, Episode 7  - 'Gerontion' Gives History a Face image
Sunday night's episode of Homeland may be easy to poo-poo after the explosive doings of "Still Positive." But it is in the nuanced language of episode seven, "Gerontion" (named after the T.S. Eliot poem, perhaps?) that Homeland shines as bright as it has before. Honestly, this might be my favorite episode of the season to date, because the drama is ALL in the words both said and unsaid. And it is Saul, and history, that take center stage in the increasingly murky waters of CIA drama.
Alicia Lutes 2013-11-10
Homeland Recap: Chris Brody is Totally Going to Blow Something Up image
I’m fairly convinced — thanks to Sunday night's episode of 'Homeland,' titled "Still Positive," — that Chris Brody is the real story on Showtime's CIA-frenzy drama. While some may argue that we're watching a story about a brilliant CIA agent and the American terrorist she loved, I'm more inclined to believe that we’re actually watching the origin story of a future terrorist/serial murderperson, Chris Brody, and how he came to be as such.
Alicia Lutes 2013-11-03
Sesame Street Parodies Homeland With Homelamb image
Sesame Street has a little something for everyone, including the Homeland fan. While the Showtime terrorism-focused drama might not seem like a good fit for a children’s program, Sesame Street knows how to tone down a plot and play up whatever humor might be mined from even the most serious of subjects for the sake of their young audience
Kelly West 2013-10-28
Homeland And Masters Of Sex Both Renewed  image
It looks like Showtime is pleased with the dramas they have lined up for Sunday night this fall, as the premium cable channel has officially renewed both Homeland and freshman drama Masters of Sex. That's a greenlight for a fourth season for Homeland and a second season for Masters of Sex.
Kelly West 2013-10-22
Watch The Simpsons' Homeland-Inspired Opening Credits image
Welcome to Homerland, where everyone is in on the plot, from Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton to Itchy, Scratchy, Sideshow Bob… even Maggie. Especially Maggie. In case you couldn't guess, Homeland's return isn't going unrecognized by The Simpsons, which also happens to return for its new season this Sunday night, an hour ahead of the Showtime drama's premiere. The Simpsons pays tribute to the thrilling cable drama by parodying its opening credits and throwing a few Springfield twists in for good measure.
Kelly West 2013-09-26
From Breaking Bad To Homeland: Which Emmy Contenders Deserve To Win?  image
Predicting the Emmy Awards isn't always an easy task, but it's certainly fun to speculate over the nominees, which is what we did for the Outstanding Drama Series category. Arguments can really be made for or against all of the nominees in the category. There are six nominated dramas, and as it happens, some of us here at Cinema Blend were able to come up with solid arguments as to why some of these dramas deserve to win this year. And then there are the dramas that might not be so deserving, either for the win or even the nomination.
K. West, J. Carp, J. Rawden, M. Rawden, K. Rich 2013-09-19
Damian Lewis Talks Brody In New Homeland Season 3 Teaser image
The latest in Homeland’s series of videos following the actors and actresses describing their roles within the drama has hit the Internet today, and follows actor Damian Lewis discussing the evolution of Brody. Lewis explains Brody’s past as a marine who was a prisoner of war for eight years and who was indoctrinated in his captors' belief in Islam.
Jessica Rawden 2013-09-09
Mandy Patinkin And Claire Danes Discuss Carrie And Saul In New Homeland Season 3 Promos image
On Tuesday, Showtime released a slew of new videos related to the third season of the popular drama, Homeland. The new promos came just a day after an early version of the premiere episode of Season 3 has leaked online. Showtime is staying mum about the leaked episode, but the subscription cable network is still busy putting out promos to try to amp up excitement about the show's actual Season 3 premiere.
Jessica Rawden 2013-09-03
The First Episode Of Homeland's Season 3 Has Leaked Online  image
People are really excited about the third season of Showtime’s Homeland, so excited in fact that many people are willing to illegally download a leaked version of this year’s Season 3 premiere episode. The leaked copies of the season opener are said to have generated over 100,000 downloads via the file sharing service BitTorrent in just a matter of hours.
Jessica Rawden 2013-09-02
2013 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows image
September is upon us, and with it comes the return of our favorite TV shows, as well as the premieres of many of the new series on deck to debut on network and cable TV. From the early starters, including Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy and The Legend of Korra, to the October arrivals, including Grimm, American Horror Story: Coven and The Walking Dead and everything in between, we have plenty to look forward to this fall!
Kelly West 2013-08-30
Homeland Season 3 Poster And Banners: Pledge Allegiance image
Loyalty seems to be a recurring theme in the promotions we've seen for the upcoming third season of Homeland. One of the recently released teasers was titled "Who do you trust?" and now we have the above poster, which states, "Pledge Allegiance." Allegiance to what? Or more to the point, to whom? The American flag looming in the background suggests where their loyalty should be
Kelly West 2013-08-22
Homeland Season 3 Behind-The-Scenes Video Reveals A Moment Of Violence image
Following up on a very emotional trailer for the upcoming third season of Homeland comes this behind-the-scenes look at the series, which features F. Murray Abraham, who plays Dar Adal in the series. Also featured is Peter Quinn, the CIA black-ops agent played by Rupert Friend.
Kelly West 2013-08-16
First Homeland Season 3 Trailer Is Full Of Emotional Highs And Lows image
Fans didn’t have to wait very long for Showtime to release the first full trailer for Season 3. I would tell you to get excited for the trailer, but if you haven’t watched it before reading this paragraph, it is an emotional doozy. It's also a little bit revealing, so don’t click if you want the whole season to be a surprise.
Jessica Rawden 2013-08-09
Homeland Season 3 Teaser Is Short But Foreboding image
In fact, the show’s second season only helped to increase buzz for the drama, encouraging Showtime to renew Homeland for a third season. We’re still a little while away from the third season premiere, but Showtime has put together a brand new teaser for the program that, well, tells us absolutely nothing about the new episodes.
Jessica Rawden 2013-07-29
Homeland Promotes Tracy Letts To Series Regular In Season 3 image
Just last week, Showtime gave us a fairly comprehensive list of guest stars set to appear in the highly anticipated third season of Homeland. Among the talent set to play a role in the suspenseful series is writer and actor Tracy Letts, who will be among those characters asking the big questions in the wake of the latest terrorist attack on the series. It sounds like we should expect to see a bit more of his character than originally planned, as he's just been promoted to series regular for Season 3.
Kelly West 2013-05-29
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