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Dominion Review: Angels Wage War With Humans In Syfy's New Drama image
Post-apocalyptic society is becoming a recurring theme at Syfy. With Defiance set to return this Thursday night, it's particularly fitting that Dominion would be paired with it. Dystopian backdrop aside, Vaun Wilmott's new series veers far more toward supernatural than it does sci-fi, in its focus an impending celestial battle between good and evil, with mankind trapped in the middle.
Kelly West 2014-06-18
Defiance Review: Season 2 Is Way Too Much Of The Same image
If you were wondering what more of this alien populated, wild west of a world looks like, you do get a taste of the outside world during the premiere, but Defiance spends most of its first three episode reestablishing patterns and returning its characters to their former roles.
Jessica Rawden 2014-06-16
Inside Amy Schumer And More Renewed, Comedy Central Orders Eight New Series image
Ratings riser Inside Amy Schumer will be back for Season 3, and the off-kilter freshman series Review and TripTank have been renewed for respective second seasons. As well, series orders were granted to two new network series and six original web-only series. If laughter is the best medicine, Comedy Central is a pharmaceutical god.
Nick Venable 2014-06-09
Orange Is The New Black Season 2: The Gang Is Back And As Wickedly Edgy As Ever image
As unpredictable as a predator’s next move, Netflix’s surprise critical hit Orange is the New Black is off parole and back for a drama-filled Season 2. This is prison-issued binge watching material, but don’t let them find it in your bunk, or there might be hell to pay.
Nick Venable 2014-06-06
Power Review: Curtis Jackson's Starz Drama Boasts Solid Performances And A Promising Start image
Starz is taking a break from period dramas and adventure shows like Black Sails and Da Vinci's Demons to present Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's promising new drama Power. The 8-episode first season gets off to a solid start, introducing us to an up-and-coming nightclub owner who's using his hot new establishment as a front to launder money brought in by his lucrative and more established drug network.
Kelly West 2014-06-01
Halt And Catch Fire Review: AMC's Drama Even Makes Pin Voltages Fascinating image
The 80s drama starts with an armadillo’s demise and ends with a slew of corporate IBM cronies shuffling into an office building like they’re on an episode of The Walking Dead. In between, inspiring speeches, a rude but genius female and one man’s awakening kicks off the drama to an exciting start. It’s a good thing, too, because excitement has mostly been missing from the slew of hopeful new dramas AMC has produced over the last several years.
Jessica Rawden 2014-05-30
Crossbones Review: John Malkovich Shines As Blackbeard In This Violently Fun Drama image
This Friday, the drama Crossbones will wash ashore on NBC, anchored by a truly stellar performance from the Emmy-winning thesp John Malkovich as the legendary Blackbeard. Chance are you’ll spend the entirety of the show like I did, wishing that the entire story was dedicated to Blackbeard talking to himself in a mirror.
Nick Venable 2014-05-27
The Night Shift Review: Same Old Ridiculous Hospital Drama, Only At Night image
It’s a hospital drama with a lot of unearned intensity and emotional beats, though thankfully one that is never as glib or patronizing as later seasons of ER or Grey’s Anatomy. The optimist would say a lacking pilot means a series has that much room to grow into something great, but with only eight episodes in its first season, The Night Shift will need a little fertilizer to make that growth happen in a flash.
Nick Venable 2014-05-26
Gang Related Review: Fox's New Crime Drama Is Intense, Complicated And Decent image
Fox has been trying to prove it's interested in putting together diverse content with diverse casts for viewers in recent years. The latest series to take a look at life through a unique lens is Gang Related, a tough crime drama that examines gang-life in Los Angeles, the special police forces that hunt down the criminals and a young officer who is caught in the crossfire.
Jessica Rawden 2014-05-21
Petals On The Wind Movie Breakdown: What Fans Of V.C. Andrews' Book Should Expect image
Ok, V.C. Andrews fans. We've been waiting for decades to see Petals on the Wind adapted for the screen. So how does Lifetime's TV movie measure up? I've seen it, and I'm going to be as honest as possible with you here: there's good news and there's not-so-good news.
Kelly West 2014-05-19
Louie Season 4 Review: Still As Wonderful As Ever image
Louis C.K. disappointed fans when he decided to take a brief sabbatical from his FX series Louie, leaving us without the schlubby middle aged mansploits last year. The comedian said he wanted to recharge, and maybe to a degree reinvent the series. So now that we’re on the cusp of Louie’s return, did he achieve any of his goals? To be honest, the first four episodes of the new season are odd to define.
Steve West 2014-05-05
24: Live Another Day Review: Jack Is Back image
24 fans have waited years to know what happened to Jack Bauer after he limped off into the proverbial sunset, a grief-stricken and wanted man. Less a cliffhanger and more an unhappy ending, the series left off uncomfortably open-ended. 24: Live Another Day appears to be giving Jack Bauer the comeback he's due and fans the thrilling followup we've been eager to see since the eighth and final season of the Fox series wrapped up.
Kelly West 2014-05-04
Black Box Review: ABC's Mental Procedural Is Too Chaotic To Be Enjoyable image
Black Box is a step in an edgy direction for ABC, which generally prefers soapy dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge or Once Upon A Time. This time around, the network's new offering follows a famed neuroscience who must religiously medicate due to bipolar disorder.
Jessica Rawden 2014-04-24
Bad Teacher Review: CBS's New Comedy Is A Solid B+ With Potential For Extra Credit image
Taking over for The Crazy Ones as the lone single-camera comedy on CBS' Thursday night line-up is Hilary Winston's small screen take on the 2011 movie Bad Teacher. Based on -- but not a sequel to -- the movie that starred Cameron Diaz, CBS's new comedy gets off to a solid start with potential to be a great new series, thanks in part to a well-rounded cast, led by Ari Graynor as the titular "bad teacher."
Kelly West 2014-04-23
Faking It Review: Stereotypes Meet Screwball Faux Lesbian Dramedy image
About as relevant to the gay lifestyle as Modern Family is, Faking It shoots for the stars, but only hits a bunch of brightly colored rainbows on “Vote for Me” posters. Maybe this is how high school goes now, and I’m just a half-generation too early to understand.
Nick Venable 2014-04-22
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