Terriers Preview: Agua Caliente image
If you’ve been watching Terriers then you know that Hank and Britt were once on opposite sides of the law. Next Wednesday’s episode will revisit that side of their story. Read on for more details and some video clips from the episode!
Kelly West 2010-10-21
Terriers Preview: Missing Persons And Updated Terriers Tour Info image
Next week’s episode of Terriers marks Noel Fisher’s brief return to FX as the former The Riches star makes a guest appearance. We also have some info on the added Terriers tour dates!
Kelly West 2010-10-14
Terriers 101: Read This And Start Watching FX's Latest Must Watch Series image
You may have heard good things about FX’s new series Terriers but haven’t gotten around to watching it. It's not too late to jump in and to help, I've put together this crash course to catch you up.
Kelly West 2010-10-13
Interview: Terriers' Donal Logue image
Many will recognize as Donal Logue as Jimmy The Cab Driver from MTV spots that ran in the mid 90s. Others may know him as the father on Grounded For Life. A veteran actor who has been working on TV for 20 years, the man has been everywhere. Now he’s back at front and center in the new FX drama Terriers.
Eric Eisenberg 2010-09-08
Interview: Terriers' Rockmond Dunbar image
You may know him best as C-Note on Prison Break, but now Rockmond Dunbar is playing a character on the right side of the law. As Detective Mark Gustafson on the new FX drama Terriers, Dunbar plays Donal Logue’s character’s former partner.
Eric Eisenberg 2010-09-07
Interview: Terriers' Michael Raymond-James image
Back in June I was given the opportunity to visit the set of the new series Terriers, which premieres tomorrow night at 10pm E/P on FX, down in San Diego. Present while they were shooting
Eric Eisenberg 2010-09-07
Terriers Review: FX Detective Series Worth Checking Out image
If FX is intent on building a reputation on original series with clever writing, stellar acting and a premise that’s both familiar and unique, then Terriers is definitely a series worthy of joining their primetime lineup.
Kelly West 2010-09-06
Terriers Preview: New FX Series - It's Not About Dogs image
If you’ve caught some of the teasers for FX’s new series Terriers, you might be intrigued but still in the dark about what the show’s about. If that’s the case, read on for some information and videos on this new series, which premieres next week.
Kelly West 2010-09-02
2010 Fall TV Premiere Schedule image
We’re at the midway point of August and while that might mean the countdown to cooler weather and the return to school or work has already begun for some, it also means we’re just a few weeks away from the start of the new TV season. Up ahead is the primetime schedule for the Fall 2010 season.
Kelly West 2010-08-15
Terriers Teaser: New FX Comedy Premieres In September image
FX released a new teaser for their upcoming comedy series Terriers. The video doesn’t really give much away in terms of what we’re in for here but it’s worth a little chuckle.
Kelly West 2010-07-13
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