GTA 5 Mods Have Begun, Niko Joins The Cast image
Some gamers have already started modding Grand Theft Auto V despite the fact that a PC version hasn't even been announced yet. That hasn't stopped eager gamers from messing around with the file structures and adding in new content to the game.
William Usher 2013-10-10
Rockstar Confirms GTA 5's Microtransactions, Rolls Out More Multiplayer Details image
Just ahead of the launch on October 1st, Rockstar has rolled out additional information for GTA Online, the multiplayer extension to GTA V. The official post on their page confirms a lot of what we already knew while also verifying a few things we also already knew.
William Usher 2013-09-25
GTA 5's Online Microtransactions Priced, In-Game Currency Detailed image
We recently reported on GTA Online having microtransactions. The online mode is an extension of the recently released GTA V. The thing is, while the XML data went around as a rumor, it turns out that Eurogamer got word from someone who has actually played GTA Online that yes, the microtransactions are in the game.
William Usher 2013-09-25
GTA Online Microtransactions Spotted In XML Data File image
GTA V is probably one of the few games where gamers around the world cared enough not just to pirate it, but to take it apart, look at it, examine it and give it a thorough orifice checkup in every way imaginable. Things seem to keep piling up on the data-rumor front as microtransactions for GTA Online's multiplayer mode have been uncovered.
William Usher 2013-09-24
GTA 5 PS3 XML Data Reveals DirectX 11 Data, Alternative Controls For PC image
All right, I think it's safe to say at this point that not only is a PC version on the way but that I now truly believe that the PC version was the lead platform for Grand Theft Auto V. At first, people were curious about whether GTA V was even coming to PC but now it's just a matter of finding out when.
William Usher 2013-09-23
Liberty City Stories, ICO Hit PlayStation Plus image
This week’s PlayStation Plus offerings seem oddly fitting, giving players a yin and yang duo of games fit for very different moods. After shooting up the streets and swearing up a storm in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, you can slip into the wholesome, quiet (and also pretty dang depressing) adventures of Ico.
Ryan Winslett 2013-09-17
GTA 5 Sells Out On Amazon UK image
Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V has been burning up the net-waves recently thanks to it being the absolute biggest game of the seventh generation of gaming. It would take several pages just to list all the content jam packed into this next-gen worthy title. Well, the game has now reached a fever-pitch because it's all sold out in pre-orders over on Amazon.
William Usher 2013-09-15
GTA 5's Leaked Xbox 360 Data Reveals PC, PS4 Build Code image
By now everyone should be well aware that Grand Theft Auto V has been leaked for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, right? Well you should also know that most crackers don't just dump and upload a game, they fiddle with the code, they play with the file structures and ultimately they open the game up to see what's inside. Do you guys want to know what they found inside?
William Usher 2013-09-14
Sony Isn't Banning PS3 Gamers For Playing GTA 5 Early image
Talk about a tale of two cities. Sony and Microsoft have very different outlooks on the way they deal with their gaming communities. Sony offers free multiplayer, a helping hand to indies and a free pass to early adopters of GTA V, which is the complete opposite of what Microsoft is doing with anyone who has early access to Rockstar's open-world action game.
William Usher 2013-09-14
Report Ties Real Life Mass Killings With Video Game Violence image
A few days ahead of the launch of one of the biggest and most controversial games in the history of video games, Grand Theft Auto V, Fox News has decided to do a full report and a rundown of how video game simulations influence and tie-in with real life mass killings.
William Usher 2013-09-13
Rockstar Bans GTA 5 Streams, Videos, Pictures, User Accounts image
Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive aren't playing around. They've been shutting down every single stream, video outlet, social media account and photo library they can that contains anything remotely related to Grand Theft Auto V that they didn't approve.
William Usher 2013-09-13
GTA 5 Videos Feature Uncensored Sex, Car Crashes, Airplanes Flying image
Well Rockstar warned everyone of this very moment: that there would be leaks and they would make you lose control over your bowels and other bodily functions. So with that warning set firmly in place, I implore you to turn away now lest you ruin the nascence of awesome for when you take on the seminal task of opening GTA V for the very first time after picking it up from your local retailer.
William Usher 2013-09-12
GTA 5 Cost $265 Million To Develop And Market image
Whenever the subject of ballooned budgets enters into the picture, one can't help but draw up a comparison to Rockstar Games, the edgy developer for some of the most well known and recognized brands in gaming. Well, we're talking about ballooned budgets today so you can chalk one up for Rockstar Games once again.
William Usher 2013-09-08
GTA 5 In-Game Commercials Parody Power Rangers, Reality TV, Right Wing Conservatives image
The irony of American culture is so thick that it's hard to do any sort of meaningful satire about it... unless you're Rockstar Games and your satire is housed within a little something-something called Grand Theft Auto V.
William Usher 2013-09-06
8-Year-Old Boy Shoots Grandmother In Head After Playing GTA IV image
Police have surmised that the death of a 90-year-old woman at the hands of an eight-year-old boy due to a fatal gunshot wound to the head was due to the boy playing Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV. The boy had recently finished playing the game and then went over and picked up a loaded gun that was lying around in the house and shot the woman dead.
William Usher 2013-08-25
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