Hotline Miami Dev Was Broke But Still Helped Pirates image
Jonatan Soderstrom and the rest of the crew at Dennaton Games aren't rich by any strech of the imagination. Recently, Dennaton's Soderstrom tweeted about his dire financial situation and later said that he hopes they make enough from Hotline Miami to keep making bigger and better games.
William Usher 2012-11-02
Hotline Miami Is A Grotesque Masterpiece image
Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital really knocked it out of the ballpark with Hotline Miami, it's pretty much gaming's version of Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive but with a much darker and more psychologically driven plot device behind it, in plain terms it's a grotesque masterpiece of digital entertainment.
William Usher 2012-10-27
Hotline Miami Dev Tells Pirates To Update The Torrent With Latest Patch image
Dennaton Games is taking a different approach to piracy than say, EA or Ubisoft, instead of fighting against the pirates they encouraged them to update the torrents so that pirates would receive the latest, fixed version of the game. Why would they do this? Because every new player, pirate or not, is still a potential customer.
William Usher 2012-10-26
Hotline Miami Now Available, Launch Trailer Mimics Drive image
Dennaton Games and Devolver Studios' Hotline Miami has officially launched across major digital distributors today and the game brings with it a somewhat minimalist yet disturbing launch trailer to help get gamers in the mood to experience one of the most chilling, retro arcade games to surface in years.
William Usher 2012-10-23
Hotline Miami Launches October 23rd, Creepy New Trailer Released image
The creepy new top-down shooter Hotline Miami is scheduled to launch for PC and Mac on October 23rd. The game is like a thriller-themed version of GTA: Vice City where players take on the role of a creepy dude in a pig mask, slaughtering everything in his path.
William Usher 2012-10-14
Hotline Miami Is 1980s Killing Spree image
Dennaton Games has announced an interesting new top-down shooter called Hotline Miami. Hotline Miami lets players rampage, Tony Montana style, through 1980s Miami.
Pete Haas 2012-07-07
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