Five Must-Buy Games For Halloween Under $9.99 image
Whether you’re all about getting festive over trick-or-treating or you just go around stealing candy from kids in your "free candy" van, one thing is undeniably certain: Steam has some awesome Halloween games for sale right now and here’s a few you’ll definitely want to pick up for under $9.99.
William Usher 2011-10-30
Playdead's Next Game Is Weirder Than Limbo image
Playdead, developer of surprise indie hit Limbo, is hard at work on their next game. They've yet to formally announce the game but studio boss Dino Patti dropped a few clues about it in a new interview.
Pete Haas 2011-10-28
Weekly Recap July 2nd: XBLA Price Adjusting, I Am Alive Still Alive, Limbo On PS3 image
World of Warcraft dabbles in some free-to-play features, Ubisoft confirms I Am Alive isn't dead, Limbo is coming soon to the PS3 and does XBLA need some price adjusting? These stories and more in this edition of the Weekly Recap.
William Usher 2011-07-02
Limbo Coming Soon To PS3 And PC image
The game that garnered tons of attention for its engagingly bleak atmosphere and philosophical themes about life, death and limbo will be appearing on the PS3's PlayStation Network and on PC via Steam, soon.
William Usher 2011-07-01
Castle Crashers, Trials HD Now 50% Off image
Today Microsoft Game Studios is slashing prices on much of its Xbox Live content. Popular Xbox Live Arcade games like Castle Crashers and Shadow Complex are just some of the items getting a 50% reduction for the rest of the day.
Pete Haas 2011-04-15
Limbo, Trials HD And 'Splosion Man Triple Pack Coming To Japan image
It looks like three of the best selling games across the Xbox Live Arcade platform will be arriving in a boxed retail set for gamers who may not have picked up a digital copy on Microsoft's Live service.
William Usher 2011-03-03
Limbo Is 33% Off Today image
To end 2010, Microsoft is offering a discount on perhaps the most popular Xbox Live Arcade game of the year. Limbo is available at 800 MS Points, a 33% price reduction.
Pete Haas 2010-12-31
Limbo Developer Making New IP, Possibly Multiplatform image
Earlier this summer Playdead released puzzle-platformer Limbo on Xbox Live Arcade. Though the game racked up great sales and reviews, they're not dashing off to make a direct sequel.
Pete Haas 2010-10-11
Xbox Live Summer Of Arcade Releases Priced, Dated image
Microsoft will be holding another "Summer of Arcade" event over the next couple months with high-profile Xbox Live Arcade releases. Today they announced the dates and prices for each of these games.
Pete Haas 2010-07-06
Microsoft Unveils Complete E3 2010 Line-Up image
Everything you need to know about everything Microsoft is showcasing at this year’s E3 is now available for public viewing.
William Usher 2010-06-14
Limbo Vs. Lost In Shadows: Teaser Trailers Compared image
You can check out two new teaser trailers for both games, as they play on the concepts of shadows and light.
William Usher 2010-05-13
Limbo Receives A Creepily Entertaining Teaser Trailer image
A new teaser trailer was released featuring the protagonist hopping across bodies floating in the water, as well as him being smashed by a giant monolith.
William Usher 2010-05-10
Artistically Gripping New Trailer For Limbo  image
Limbo is a dark and gauzy looking platform title being designed for PC and the new trailer gives players a brief look at some of the gameplay.
William Usher 2010-01-20
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