Kingdom Under Fire II On PS4 Has Better Graphics Than PC, Says Producer image
one executive producer seems to want to cause the members of the PC arena to come out in full flame gear and set things straight, because according to him, the PS4 version of Kingdom Under Fire II will be better, graphically, than its PC counterpart.
William Usher 2014-04-07
WildStar Launches June 3rd, Pre-Orders Begin Next Week image
WildStar, the bright, colorful and quirky sci-fi MMORPG from Carbine Studios and NCSoft finally has a launch date set for this summer, inviting everyone across the cosmos to shoot aliens, collect loot and adventure with friends on June 3.
Ryan Winslett 2014-03-12
Heva Clonia Online Episode 2 Cash Shop Giveaway image
OGPlanet is in a very giving mood lately and they want people coming in (or coming back) to their MMOs, including their free-to-play title Heva Clonia Online, which has a promotion going on for the cash shop right at this very moment.
William Usher 2014-02-07
Uncharted Waters Online Free Cash Shop Pack Giveaway image
Uncharted Waters Online is entering the “2nd age” and distributor OGPlanet wants people to come play the game, for free of course. They also want to entice people by offering up free content as well. It's almost like getting paid to play the game.
William Usher 2014-01-24
Dragon's Prophet Update Adds Mounted Combat image
Dragon’s Prophet is finally ready to turn the badass meter all the way up to 11 with the launch of the Evolution-Phase One expansion, A Trinity of Dragons. Along with all of the usual new bits and baubles expected out of an MMO update, this one finally introduces mounted combat to the adventure, letting players wage war while sitting astride their trusty winged beasts.
Ryan Winslett 2014-01-16
Herokon Online Expands With Thorwal Update image
The world of Herokon Online is growing, both in terms of physical size and the adventures taking place within its magical lands as the developers at Silver Style announce the launch of the Thorwal update, adding in a whole new region to explore, a new campaign to discover and several new features that aim to make the game better than ever.
Ryan Winslett 2014-01-13
Studies Delve Into Community, Anonymous Behavior In Online Games image
A couple of new studies concerning player behavior in massively multilayer online games are making the rounds, stating that cheating and troll-like behavior is often a result of the online community itself, not necessarily the freedom and lack of consequences typically associated with anonymous gaming.
Ryan Winslett 2014-01-08
Black Sheep Promo Videos Showcase Jiggle Physics, Destructible Environments image
One of the things a lot of gamers expected from the seventh generation of gaming were games centered around physics-based gameplay and combat. It was disheartening to find so many games with such a lacking focus on physics outside of anything from Team Ninja. Well, the Korean software development sector are advancing gaming whether the West wants to take notice or not.
William Usher 2013-12-26
Marvel Heroes Gets Siege Update, Playable Ghost Rider image
It feels like I can't go two weeks these days without writing a story about Marvel Heroes receiving one update or another. And for those of you who have been playing the free-to-play, super-charged beat-em-up, you know that's far from a complaint. This latest Update 2.1 is called Siege, and it increases the content in the recently added Asgard level, as well as makes Ghost Rider a playable character.
Ryan Winslett 2013-12-21
Alfheim Tales Online Beta Goes Live Wednesday image
Alfheim Tales Online, the “anime-infused fantasy MMO,” is ready to welcome new adventurers to its mysterious realms as the game enters its open beta phase this Wednesday, Dec. 11.
Ryan Winslett 2013-12-09
Age Of Wushu: Forbidden Grounds Free Expansion Launches image
Snail Games has announced that a new expansion pack for Age of Wushu has launched called Forbidden Grounds. The newest expansion for the wuxia-centric, open-world MMORPG brings eight new instances that allow players to acquire the secret scrolls of the schools.
William Usher 2013-11-25
League Of Angels Soars Into Closed Beta Dec. 4th image
Gamers with a thirst for adventure are about to get a bit of heavenly assistance as the team at GTArcade announced the impending Dec. 4 launch of the League of Angels closed beta, giving the team a chance to fine-tune the game and test their servers before unleashing the online RPG unto the masses.
Ryan Winslett 2013-11-24
Neverwinter Gets Shadowmantle Expansion In Early December image
Get ready to go questing through the holidays as Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment’s Neverwinter gears up to receive its second major update since launch, Shadowmantle, this time introducing the new Hunter Ranger character class and a new zone, the Dread Ring, for players to explore.
Ryan Winslett 2013-11-21
Odin Quest Cash Shop Promotion Giveaway image
Gamebox has acquired Odin Quest for their own promotional purposes and they want gamers who previously put time (and money) into the game under the reign of previous publishers to invest time (and money) into the game.
William Usher 2013-11-13
Pandora Saga: Age Of Discord Open Beta Launches image
For those looking for a new MMORPG to add to their lineup, or perhaps a good place to jump in on the ground floor of one of the latest genre offerings, you might want to check out Pandora Saga: Age of Discord, formerly known as Weapons of Balance. Its open beta is finally up and running, offering players a combat-heavy experience with a fresh coat of shine and new features thrown in for good measure.
Ryan Winslett 2013-10-26
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