T.J. Miller's Bizarre Reason For Quitting Silicon Valley So Publicly


Wonder Woman 2: What We Know So Far

With Wonder Woman 2 officially on the DC slate, here's everything that you need to know about Diana Prince's next solo movie!

Will Marvel's Inhumans Affect Henry Ian Cusick's Work On The 100? Here's What He Told Us

The 100 raised the stakes higher than ever in Season 4, and fans have had to question major characters' fates. Henry Ian Cusick landed a role on Marvel's Inhumans, and he revealed to CinemaBlend whether the new show will affect his work on The 100.

How Murder On The Orient Express Faked All That Footage On The Train

If you thought it was hard to convince the cast of Murder on the Orient Express that they were on a train through the European countryside, yeah it's kind of hard. But somehow, Kenneth Branagh did it, and we have the details on how inside.

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When Wonder Woman 2 Will Be Released In Theaters

We've known Wonder Woman 2 has been in development for the DC Extended Universe, and now its release date has been announced.

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Happy Endings' Zach Knighton Just Landed His Next Big Role

Zach Knighton was one of the funniest actors in primetime for a few years thanks to Happy Endings. Now he's on his way back to the small screen for a new role that could be fabulous.

Who Michael Caine Actually Plays In Dunkirk

Admit it: you were looking for Michael Caine the whole time you were watching Dunkirk. And if you were one of the keen observers during the film's contents, you may have found him. Read on to find out where exactly he appears in the film.

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What Happened To Scrubs' Taxidermied Dog Rowdy, According To Zach Braff

Scrubs featured one of TV's weirdest pets, and Zach Braff has revealed what happened to him when the show was done.

Why A New Zombie Shooter Has Friday The 13th: The Game Fans Irate

A lot of times people are quick to say that gamers can't be pleased; that the gaming community is perpetually angry; that gamers are always quick to attack developers over simple things. Well, in this case, fans of Friday The 13th: The Game are quite irate and it's pretty easy to see why.

What Mario Kart Is Like Without The Blue Shell, According To Its Director

One of the most iconic weapons in all of gaming is the Blue Turtle Shell from the Mario Kart series. The weapon is just so devastating and frustrating when you're in first place, but probably the most satisfying weapon ever if you're in second place. But what would Mario Kart be like without the power of the Blue Shell?

Jared Leto May Be Joining Another Superhero Franchise

Jared Leto has already left his mark on the superhero movie genre by playing The Joker in Suicide Squad, but it's possible he may double dip soon.

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How Stephen Colbert Did In The Ratings With The Late Show's Russia Week

Stephen Colbert has been on a hot streak with The Late Show in 2017, and he recently tried to heat things up even more with Russia Week. Here's how the week fared in the ratings for Colbert.

The Blade Runner Sequel Was Almost A Very Different Movie

Had a Blade Runner sequel come out much earlier, here's the story fans of the original movie could have been treated to.

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Why Supernatural Is Finally Ready For A Spinoff, According To The Showrunner

Supernatural will return to The CW for Season 13 in the fall, and fans will get to see the show's next attempt at launching a spinoff. The showrunner has revealed that the time is finally perfect for a spinoff to happen.

Here's What's Coming To Games With Gold In August

It's that time of the month where Microsoft rolls out details on the Games With Gold for Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners. The August 2017 sale features some really good Xbox 360 titles and some decent Xbox One games for those of you looking to extend your library with some free games.

Blac Chyna May Have Returned Cars To Rob Kardashian, But She Already Has A New Ride

Blac Chyna is getting back in the driver's seat after Rob Kardashian big social media meltdown.

Why Henry Cavill Isn't Wearing A Fake Mustache In Mission: Impossible 6, According To The Director

There's a good reason why Henry Cavill had to grow a mustache for Mission: Impossible 6 rather than don a fake one, according to director Christopher McQuarrie.

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How Much Of Thor: Ragnarok's Dialogue Is Improvised

Fans of Taika Waititi may already know the director is fond of improvising, thanks to his background in comedy. But when he took on Thor: Rangarok, we wondered if he might have to button up a little more.

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Will Riverdale Go Supernatural In Season 2? Here's What Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Says

During Season 1, the good folks behind Riverdale teased the possibility that some of the creepier aspects of the comic-based show could turn up at some point. Now, it looks like that might actually happen during the sophomore season of The CW show.

T.J. Miller's Bizarre Reason For Quitting Silicon Valley So Publicly

T.J. Miller recently made a pretty public spectacle of himself as he departed Silicon Valley without mincing any words. Now he has revealed why he had so much to say when he quit.

One Flash Star Won't Be Returning In Season 4

One star of The Flash is out for Season 4, and it's a little sad for fans of the series.

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