American Horror Story Season 2 Teaser Is Stuck In A Glass Prison

By Kelly West 4 years ago discussion comments
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The latest creepy teaser for American Horror Story: Asylum has made its way online. And once again, it gives us little to go on in the way of what's ahead for the series, but if nothing more, it reminds us of just how creepy this series is. If Season 2 is as dark and twisted as these teasers are, October can't get here soon enough!

Just the other day we shared two of the latest teasers, one of which involved a staircase and the other, a rose. Before that, a milky straight-jacket bath, and a nun in all white. Now comes what appears to be a glass wall or ceiling or something, and someone who wants out!

It looks like the hole in the door to a person's cell, if that door were translucent glass. And whoever's stuck behind it wants out. It's not only fittingly creepy, but it also fits into the asylum-setting that's set to play the backdrop for Season 2, when the series begins a new story with all new characters. More details on American Horror Story: Asylum can be found here.

American Horror Story: Asylum will premiere on FX in October.
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