Justified Renewed For Season 5, FX Greenlights Fargo

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago discussion comments
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Justified Renewed For Season 5, FX Greenlights Fargo  image
FX is adding a new project and renewing a second. First, Justified will be getting a fifth season. With ratings increasing in the currently airing Season 4, this really should be no surprise for fans. Maybe itís the better access to Boyd and Ava that is bringing people in, but either way Iím happy to see the show will be surviving into next year. Additionally, it seems the Coen brothersí Fargo project is actually happening and will air on FX.

Justifiedís Season 5 renewal comes on the heels of FX Networks opting to split its content. Yesterday, the company announced it would be creating FXX, a brand new channel devoted to comedy. To launch the station, FX will be shipping off fan favorites like Itís Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League--both recently renewed--as well as Legit. If that makes FXís content seem spread a little thin, it will be, but thatís also where Fargo comes in.

The last we heard from the Fargo project was this fall, when the drama was tentatively scheduled for FX. Now, the network has picked Fargo up as its first-ever limited series. Fargo will air in a 10-episode arc and will follow a new cast and some new characters with the same setting and tone as the popular film of the same name. Noah Hawley is penning the project and will executive produce and the Coen brothers are also on board to executive produce, alongside Warren Littlefield. FX is moving to produce more limited series, so Fargo should be the first of many similar projects to get airtime.

Justifiedís Season 5 will go into production in the fall and is set for a January 2014 premiere. Fargo will also go into production in the fall and will hit the network in the spring of 2014.
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