Mad Men Season 6 Spoilers: The Drapers Are Heading To...

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Mad Men Season 6 Spoilers: The Drapers Are Heading To...  image
Vague spoilers and speculation ahead!

It's been reported that Mad Menís sixth season will see Don Draper and his lovely wife headed for a tropical paradise, in spite of the trouble in paradise that made things difficult between then in Season 5. Word is a small crew is headed over to the Islands to film scenes for what is likely to be part of the next season premiere.

Mad Men creator Matt Weiner has always been very secretive about whatís coming up for the characters of the Emmy-winner, and the upcoming season is no different. Thereís no word on what theyíre up to in Hawaii, but Deadline reports that sources say Jon Hamm and Jessica Pare and a basic crew will be flying out to Hawaii on Sunday to shoot there for two days. The shoot is the result of a reported scouting mission last month that, rumor has it, wasnít authorized by Lionsgate, part of what is said to be an ongoing disagreement over the budget for the series. Multiple Emmys and a return for Season 5 after an unusually long hiatus to strong ratings have apparently earned the show a little more petty cash. Enough to go to Hawaii for a few days anyway.

Itís anyoneís guess what the Drapers are up to beneath the palm trees, but the very evident strain between Don And Megan as Season 5 ended makes it somewhat unlikely that itís a romantic getaway Ė unless itís one of those letís go away together to try fixing things. Which didnít work with Donís first wife. Of course, the continued affairs were something of a problem that a night in a fancy hotel canít cure. Is Hawaii the cure for Don and Megan?
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