Once Upon A Time Finds Its Cinderella

By Kelly West 5 years ago discussion comments
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Once Upon A Time Finds Its Cinderella image
Once Upon a Time has its Cinderella. Just like the Disney version, sheís a blonde and those of you who caught TNTís new drama series Falling Skies this summer might recognize her face. Word is, Jessy Schram has signed on to join the fairy-tale-themed drama series on ABC.

Once Upon a Time is an upcoming new drama series that stars Jennifer Morrison as Emily, a bail bonds collector. The series will merge classic fairy-tales with the modern world, including Snow White and Cinderella.

Zap2It got the exclusive on the casting news, stating that Schram is headed for Storybrooke, Maine, the fictional town set to play the backdrop in ABCís upcoming drama Once Upon a Time. Schramís most recent TV role was that of Karen in Falling Skies. If the name (and the photo above) isnít ringing a bell, Karen was/is Halís girlfriend. She was last seen (Falling Skies post-ep spoiler alert!) harnessed and doing the bidding of the aliens. If you arenít a fan of Falling Skies, then perhaps you remember her as Hannah from Veronica Mars. Hannah and Logan dated during one of the LoVe ďoffĒ periods in the series.

According to Zap2It, Shram will play Cinderella in ďan early episode,Ē so it sounds like this could just be a one-episode role, at least to start. If thatís the case, itís probably unlikely that this role will conflict with her part on Falling Skies, which isnít set to return until next summer.

It'll be interesting to see Schram's take on this classic character and great to see her out of her harness and hopefully into a pair of really great shoes.
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