Orange Is The New Black Stars Bring Joy To The World In New Christmas Video

By Alicia Lutes 1 year ago discussion comments
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If youíre a fan of joy, goodwill towards man, general Christmas-themed cheer, and Netflixís Orange is the New Black, today may be your lucky day. Because Danielle Brooks and Uzo Aduba (also known as Taystee and Crazy Eyes, respectively) are feeling the good-time with their holiday-themed cheerful groove dubbed the "Jolly Christmas Medley," with the help of Brooklyn-based band Oh Honey. And it is impossible to feel blue after listening to a tune like this. Really.

If youíre a fan of Orange is the New Black, you mightíve been feeling a bit down lately, what with the news that Alex (played by Laura Prepon) will only be featured in two episodes of season two. But the Internet is nothing if not a source of distraction, and thatís exactly what people need in times like these.

Purveyors of Internet gewgaws BuzzFeed premiered the video exclusively on Monday morning, ensuring that any and all hopes you had of resisting the urge to play cheery Christmas carols all the live long day (You knew it was coming, eventually. Might as well just accept it). And in the spirit of kindness and with no room for snark at the inn, we thank them for these gifts.
Itís a Monday mood-brightener of the highest order. A mash-up of "Deck the Halls," "Jingle Bells," "Silent Night" and "Joy To The World," the tune will have you bopping your head and snapping your fingers (if you dance like a grandma drunk on eggnog like I do) in no time. But thatís not all it does ó the video makes it impossible for you to be sad. Itís scientifically (if you get your science from the back of a cereal box) proven thanks to these guaranteed-to-please parts:

1.) There are fairy lights. Everybody loves fairy lights, especially as they twinkle and dance around Crazy Eyesí bouncy and bopping head.
2.) The color yellow is all over this video, and as we all know, yellow = happiness and sunshine. An immediate mood-lifter.
3.) Thereís faux snow. Faux snow! Itís like regular snow, but less annoying to clean up. Less clean up = way more time for fun and funny good times.
4.) Silly string. Didnít think that a Christmas ditty could get any better? Adding the conviviality of can string will prove that the miracles of the holiday season happen in a whole myriad of ways.
5.) Itís a video with heart. Not only is it just a joy to watch itís actually meant to do some good ó specifically, to support Artists Striving to End Poverty, an organization that ďconnects performing and visual artists with underserved youth in the U.S. and around the world to awaken their imaginations, foster critical thinking, and help them break the cycle of poverty.Ē Now the only kind of joy thatís better than regular joy, is when itís purposeful and helps others in the process. Youíre now free to jazz out with your joy out.
6.) Glow sticks. There are glow sticks, people.
7.) Brooklyn stoops. Who doesnít love a good ole-fashioned stoop jam in the middle of Brooklyn? No one, thatís who.

So just to clarify: cutest video ever, guaranteed-joy-bringer, with nary a reason for a dour Monday. Got it? Good.
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