TV Recap: Big Brother 10 - Week 4 Eviction

By Kelly West 2008-08-07 21:46:49 discussion comments
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TV Recap: Big Brother 10 - Week 4 Eviction image
Well, America voted and as it turned out, it was our vote that determined who was eliminated tonight. With the house split, three votes for Jessie to go and three votes for Memphis to go, America broke the tie. Unfortunately for Dan, while he might be up $20k for doing our bidding, his situation in the house is looking pretty bad at this point.

Danís mom and sister were featured on the show, as was the high school football team he coaches. The team cheered Dan on but his mom and sister were in disagreement over how they felt about Danís brief role as Americaís Player. Danís (gorgeous) sister Kelly is excited that America chose Dan while Danís mom thinks itíll bring unnecessary attention to him. Danís mom was right. While Dan did an admirable job performing his tasks, he definitely succeeded in putting a huge target on his back. He gave his word that heíd go along with the plan to vote Jessie out but when Jerry approached him, he agreed that he was still on board to evict Memphis. Everyone thought Dan was on their side and in the end, Dan didnít even get a vote. America decided that Jessie needed to go and so, Dan will likely pay the price for our decision, though he was appreciative of it nonetheless.

Before the votes were cast, Jessie gave a weak pre-vote speech that wouldnít have changed anyoneís minds even if any of the houseguests minds werenít already made up and Memphisí speech was pretty much a rerun of what Angie said: vote for yourself. This goes along with what they showed of Memphis saying earlier regarding the house voting as a group. He said people were promising their game away each week by going along with whatever the HoH wanted rather than considering their own game. This week, that wasnít the case. The house was split and in the end, it was Jessie who ended up leaving, despite Aprilís wish to see Memphis gone.

When Jessie received word that he was evicted, he quietly hugged Michelle and shook hands with all of the guys as he walked towards the door. Dan stood back but Jessie did shake his hand and just before he walked out the door, said ďItís your wordĒ to Dan. Yeah, you canít fault the guy for calling him out. When Jessie was HoH, Dan used his word as his reason for deserving to stay another week after Brian left and Jessie was agreeable to it. Unfortunately though, Jessie slept the week away and didnít do enough to ensure that he still had Danís word this week.

Side note before we get to Jessieís post-eviction interview with Julie. Did Ollie really say ďWhat does Ďshockerí mean?,Ē holding out his hand with his index, middle and pinky finger extended just after Jessie left the house? Did that actually happen on CBS? Iím not proud that I know the answer to Ollieís question but someone else can explain it to him.

Jessie was relatively quiet and seemed almost humbled by his eviction, talking softly with Julie. He does appear to resent Dan for breaking his word and called him out for being Catholic and not going to church. Not sure what Danís religious practices have to do with his decisions in the BB house but I guess Jessie felt it was relevant.

Last night the houseguests were woken up by loud recordings submitted by viewers being broadcast over the speakers in the house. In addition to the messages being used to keep the houseguests from getting a good nightís rest, they were also used in tonightís HoH competition. Julie read off clues and the houseguests had to answer true or false based on whether the message was accurate to what they heard the previous night. It came down to Libra and Michelle and in the end, Michelle won it. She shouted out that her win was for Jessie and I have no doubt that Dan, Libra, Keesha and Renny are already preparing to be nominated. Only two will go up but Iím sure those four are the targets. Meanwhile, Ollie and April will have vacated the HoH room and hopefully after their ďactivitiesĒ in there over the past week the Big Brother house-elves will have laundered the sheets before Michelle climbs in the bed tonight.

Find out who Michelle nominates on Sunday night. Also, it looks like one houseguest from each season will be returning to the house for a special competition this week. Chicken George, Janelle and others will return!
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