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Enemy Of The State May Get A TV Sequel
We've just learned that the 1998 espionage thriller, Enemy of the State, may get a small screen sequel. Get the details!
Ratings Roundup: The Best And The Worst For Each Major Network So Far
There are some fall shows that are faring way better than others, and we've decided to compile a list of network TV's best and worst to give you a taste of which of your favorite shows are doing well and which aren't
Check Out Tim Allen Dressed As Donald Trump For Last Man Standing's Halloween Episode
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression is currently killing it on Saturday Night Live, and you'll soon be able to see another television veteran donning a blonde wig and American flag pin: Tim Allen. Grunt grunt grunt.
How Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Doing In The Ratings
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the only primetime Marvel venture currently on the air, and a lot of changes have been happening in Season 4. Now, we know just how many people have been tuning in to see just how much is different this year.
What Nathan Fillion Actually Thought Of The Castle Finale
The show ended up rather abruptly, and recently, series lead Nathan Fillion spoke out about how he feels about what happened to Castle. Here's what he had to say.
How That Big Event Will Change Melinda May On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. got off to a very rough start for Agent Melinda May. The crisis that threatened her life has passed, but it could change her in some big ways moving forward.
Ken Bone Will Be A Special Correspondent On Jimmy Kimmel Live
An awful lot of people have been tuning into the 2016 presidential debates, and Ken Bone became an internet sensation after millions saw him ask a question at the latest debate. Now, he's set to weigh in on the final debate in a new way.
Who Dressed Ken Bone For The Debate, According To Ken Bone
Ken Bone became famous for wearing a fuzzy red sweater to the Presidential Debate on Sunday, and the man joined Jimmy Kimmel via video from St. Louis on Monday night to talk about being a viral hit and, of course, his wardrobe.
Grey's Anatomy: We May Already Know Arizona's New Love Interest
Now that Sara Ramirez has (unceremoniously) left the show, it's time for Arizona to find new love. And it may be a character we're already familiar with.
Grey's Anatomy: We Finally Know More About Arizona's New Love Interest
Jessica Capshaw has played Arizona Robbins since back in Season 5, and now finds herself without a love interest in the series. But all of that should change very soon.
One Dancing With The Stars Contestant Scored Perfect 10s, Watch The Amazing Performance
Dancing with the Stars only kicked off a few weeks ago. While there are still some markedly mediocre dancers in the competition, this week also proved that there are some stellar dancers.
ABC Is Bringing Back A Classic Competition Show
We've known for years that goofy and sometimes downright terrible contestants can make for pretty amusing TV. We saw terrible contestants for years on American Idol and we still occasionally see them on shows like the aforementioned America's Got Talent.
Designated Survivor Just Hit A New Ratings Record, Here's What Happened
It has become blatantly clear that people were extremely interested in getting Kiefer Sutherland back on the small screen, and Designated Survivor has already broken a huge ratings record.
Conviction Review: ABC's New Legal Drama Is Mostly A Retread
Legal dramas can be big hits for networks, and ABC's new series Conviction had the potential to be a great addition to its lineup. Unfortunately, a few issues may prevent it from sustaining an audience this fall.
Designated Survivor And One More Just Got Some Great News From ABC
I don't know what it is, but 2016's slate of new TV shows has been one of the best in recent memory, and two of them just got some great news.
Sandra Oh Just Landed Her First TV Role Since Grey's Anatomy, Get The Details
Grey's Anatomy has aired on ABC for thirteen seasons, now, and in that time, a lot of the actors and actresses who were originally involved with the show have left for other projects.
A Once Upon A Time Character Is Returning In Season 6
Once Upon A Time just kicked off its sixth season this past weekend, but we've already learned the ABC series has some surprises in store.
Modern Family Will Feature A TV First In Its Next Episode
Modern Family used to be the critical darling of awards shows, but in recent years, the comedy had gotten a whole lot less surprising.
One New Show Just Hit The Biggest DVR Ratings So Far
For the most part, the new TV programs have done well so far this season. That's good news for the major networks. Now, that Live+3 ratings are trickling in from last week, there's even better news.
Is Shark Tank In Troubled Waters?
With a few exceptions, new fall TV programs have kicked off to a pretty great start on the various networks. However, the same is not true of all of the returning shows.
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