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New DVD Releases April 2019: All The Latest Movies And TV Shows Coming This Month

April is often a hodgepodge of new releases, both of the TV and movie variety. If you’ve still been waiting to catch some flicks from the end of last year, there will be options!

The Cool Reason Alita: Battle Angel Moved The Movie To Panama City

As it turns out there’s a reason Alita: Battle Angel got switched from Kansas City, Missouri to Panama City, Panama.

The Blacklist Got A Ratings Boost From Almost Executing Red

The numbers are in and they are up, folks!

Why Mayim Bialik Was Nervous When She Joined The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory was already popular in its original iteration when Mayim Bialik joined and the actress recently admitted that she was nervous to join the show.

The Noah Centineo Movies And TV Shows To Watch If You Can't Get Enough

Noah Centineo, shirtless wonder and current Netflix heartthrob is killing it in terms of new projects right now. You can catch him all over streaming right now.

Schitt's Creek Creators Reveal The Show Is Ending At Pop, But There's Good News
Yes, The Umbrella Academy's Season 1 Ending Was Surprising Even To The Cast
Netflix Denies Changing Love, Death And Robot's Episode Order Based On Sexual Identity

Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots has already turned heads for its style and vision, but was it also doing something a little more invasive? Netflix responds.

Why Kit Harington Sought Therapy After One Major Game Of Thrones Plot Twist

Playing Jon Snow never made Kit Harington happy. He's revealing all ahead of the Season 8 premiere.

9-1-1 Showrunner Is Aware That Chimney Hasn't Had An Easy Time On The Show

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Fox’s 9-1-1 it’s actually probably been a while since you’ve thought about the series. But it came back in a big way this week.

Why Yes, This Is A Sneak Peek At The Outlander Season 5 Set

If you are on a series like Starz’s Outlander, filming is a big time commitment.

New DVD Releases March 2019: All The Latest Movies And TV Shows Coming This Month

Lots of fun stuff for families and grownups alike! Take a look at the DVD, Digital and Blu-ray releases coming in March.

Can One Day At A Time Be Rescued After Netflix Cancellation?

The cast of One Day at a Time has been taking things, well, one day at a time since Netflix announced the sitcom was cancelled.

Kaley Cuoco Was Originally Rejected From The Big Bang Theory Due To Her Age

Age ain't nothing but a number, unless you're CBS, apparently.

Hallmark Says When Calls The Heart Is Coming Up With A Plan In Wake Of Lori Loughlin Accusations

It’s been just a few days since a major college admissions scandal broke, implicating famous names like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. Change is already afoot.

Stephen Colbert Talks Candidly About The Early Struggles With His Late Night Show

Finding ways to differentiate yourself from other late night hosts while also honing skills like interviews and monologues can be a difficult task for many newbie late night hosts, and for Stephen Colbert it was no exception.

Last Man Standing Is Back On Top After Losing In The Ratings Last Week

There's been a lot happening on Friday nights recently!

Aladdin Toy Seemingly Reveals Princess Jasmine's Brand New Song

It's a whole new world of toy leaks out there.

Even Though Zac Efron's Ted Bundy Movie Is Heading To Netflix, It's Getting An R-Rating

The "hot Ted Bundy" movie has an official rating over at Netflix.

Charlie Hunnam Still Doesn't Regret Quitting Fifty Shades Of Grey

One notorious casting that ultimately led to an actor leaving a popular movie occurred just before Fifty Shades of Grey started shooting.

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