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The 12 Greatest Big Bang Theory Guest Stars, Ranked

We can't wait for Fillion's big appearance on the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory, but in the meantime, we figured we would go through our favorite guest stars who have popped up on the show, and rank them by sheer awesomeness and utilization in the plot.

New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In September 2018

Big movies this month, but there are also some great TV programs coming, too!

Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Mayans M.C. Is Already Breaking Records

Kurt Sutter's new series has a lot of people already watching.

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Trailer Has Meredith Hooking Up With DeLuca

Grey's Anatomy has had a lot of staying power over at ABC, largely thanks to the consistency of Meredith Grey and a slew of shocking plot twists that often still have fans on the edges of their seats.

Universal Studios Is Building New Thrill Ride, But It Means Change To Harry Potter Celebration

While Universal Studios is gearing up for this year's Hollywood Horror Nights, the Orlando theme park is also looking to the future, and we recently learned there are some big changes on the horizon in regard to the Harry Potter sections.

Robert Pattinson Reveals He Moisturizes Enough To Act In Another Twilight Movie
Warner Bros. Is Absolutely Dominating At The Box Office Right Now

While Disney may have dominated early in the year, right now another studio is taking the cake.

Chris Pine Discusses His Full-Frontal Nudity In New Movie Outlaw King

while the trailer was full of period costumes and fighting, there was one thing missing that we can expect to be a part of the final product when it hits Netflix: full-frontal nudity.

Millie Bobby Brown Says Shaving Her Head For Stranger Things Had Unintended Consequences

One actress who has dealt with a lot of change during Stranger Things is Millie Bobby Brown, whose looks changed on the series quite a bit between Season 1 and Season 2.

Star Wars' Kelly Marie Tran Explains Her Real Feelings About Social Media, And Whether She'll Go Back

Kelly Marie Tran made a name for herself in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but the road to success was also paved with a lot of hate online.

What The NCIS Season 16 Set Is Like With Pauley Perrette's Replacement
Kurt Sutter Has A Message For Fans Who Are Sticking Around For Mayans M.C.

Although The Bastard Executioner didn't work out on FX, Kurt Sutter is still a show creator with an avid fanbase and a lot of ideas. He's also a person who recognizes his fanbase.

Will Penny And Leonard Have A Baby On The Big Bang Theory?

From single pals to kids, The Big Bang Theory has come a long way.

Young Sheldon Season 2 Is Bringing In Another Child Genius

Young Sheldon is gearing up for a second season over at CBS and we're finally seeing some news about the new episodes trickling down the pipeline

Cosby Show Actor Geoffrey Owens Talks His Reaction And Career After Viral Trader Joe's Photo

After 26 years spent sort-of out of the limelight, The Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens was thrust into the spotlight earlier this week when a viral photo of the actor working a side gig at Trader Joe's rolled around the Internet.

Gordon Ramsay Has Strong Words For Critics Saying His New Show Rips Off Anthony Bourdain

Gordon Ramsay has been an outspoken TV personality for a long time, and when he wants to speak up on a topic, he is going to speak up on a topic

Incredibles 2 Is Now Pixar's Highest Grossing Film

Pixar's Incredibles 2 has been on a hot streak since it hit theaters back in June. Nearly three months later, the movie is still doing well in theaters.

Die Hard 6's Producer Explains The Script's Title

A sixth movie is being made that could change the nature of the Bruce Willis-led movies in general, in that it plans to bring in a new actor to play a younger John McClane.

Karl Urban Thinks The Star Trek 4 Salary Negotiations Will Work Out

Karl Urban reveals what he knows about Star Trek 4.

Samuel L. Jackson Is Back Playing Nick Fury On Spider-Man: Far From Home Set

We haven't seen Nick Fury on the big screen since his brief cameo in the end-credits of Avengers: Infinity War a few months ago. But he'll be back.

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