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Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto

We've got the latest on who won the Veto, along with who was nominated, in case you missed that update, and who has the apps for the week.

Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Was Nominated

And, once again, the hinky voter wins Head of Household. Scottie's reign as HoH began in the Big Brother house on Thursday night, and by the end of Friday, he had two houseguests on the block. We have the spoilers from the live feeds, including who was nominated and which two houseguests won the final apps.

Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto

Following up on yesterday's nominations for the second eviction of the Big Brother summer, the Veto competition was played today and we now know who won it.

Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Was Nominated

This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds -- specifically, who Kaitlyn nominated for eviction, along with some speculation about her plans.

The Passage TV Show In The Works: What We Know About The Adaptation Of Justin Cronin's Story

Fans of Justin Cronin's popular sci-fi trilogy The Passage are likely eager for updates on the planned adaptation for the story. It was originally supposed to be a movie, but has since been shifted to a TV series. We've put together as much information as we could dig up on the topic.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 2 Screenplay Book Teases Magical Clues

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: The Crimes of Grindelwald hits theaters this November, and with it the screenplay will also be published.

J.K. Rowling Has Apologized Again For Killing Off A Harry Potter Character

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has made it an annual tradition over the last few years in honoring the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts by apologizing for the death of one of her characters. This year, she's back.

Celebrity Big Brother Finale Crowns Its Winner

It was a season like no other, with an abbreviate schedule and houseguests you may have seen before. Tonight, the first ever U.S. edition of Celebrity Big Brother crowned its winner.

Andrew Lincoln To Narrate Quidditch Through The Ages Audiobook

Quidditch Through the Ages is getting released as an audiobook, with a very familiar voice as the narrator.

Fantastic Beasts 2 Reveals Young Dumbledore In Excellent Cast Photo And The Official Title

A year ahead of the release of the highly anticipated sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, we finally have our first look at Fantastic Beasts 2. Check it out ahead...

A Harry Potter Art Collection Just Launched At Pottermore, And It's Magical

Hardcore Harry Potter fans know the very-real struggle that is trying to surround ourselves with anything that might remind us of J.K. Rowling's magical world...

A New Look At Sirius Black In Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Illustrated Edition

It would be an understatement to say that Sirius Black didn't exactly look his best the first time Harry Potter set eyes on him in human form.

Big Brother 19 Crowns Its Winner

The sole returner in a house otherwise filled with newbies, Paul Abrahamian took control of the game, eliminating target after target, and making it all the way to the finale. But was he able to pull off the win? Or would Josh or Christmas swoop in and claim the prize?

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won Part 2 Of The Head Of Household Competition

Part 2 of the final Head of Household competition is the last competition to take place before the finale. Two of the Final 3 faced off last night, and after what sounds like a grueling competition, we have a winner to report. Big Brother live feed spoilers ahead!

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won Part 1 Of The Head Of Household Competition

And then there were three. Paul may have this season locked up, but there are still three more competitions to be played. Well, two, as the first part of the final Head of Household competition has already played out. Find out who won next...

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Spoilers: Who's Getting Evicted On Thursday

Not since Mark left the house has a houseguest known they were the target until it was too late to do anything about it. Such is the case for this week's target, and we could be looking at a major blindside.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto

In the final weeks of the Big Brother season, the Power of Veto becomes more and more powerful. Such is the case this week, as Paul continues to try to eliminate bigger threats.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Got Nominated

With just seven houseguests remaining in Season 19, the time for pawns and backdoor plans may be at an end in the Big Brother house. Two people went on the black on Friday night, and there's a very good chance one of them will be going home.

How Paul Is Dominating Big Brother Season 19

Whether or not Paul Abrahamian wins Season 19 of Big Brother, there can be no denying that this is season has been the summer of Paul. Since being swapped into the house at the cost of a newbie, Paul has grabbed this game by the horns and steered it in pretty much every direction he's needed it to go...

17 Loved Or Loathed Harry Potter Characters Who Died Before The End Of The Series

This should go without saying, but obviously this article is brimming with major spoilers. So, if you haven't read the books yet, probably do that first.

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