Do you dare go behind enemy lines for a third time? From Bosnia to North Korea and now Columbia; there’s another man on a mission who inadvertently becomes trapped in adversary territory. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and WWE Studios bring you the explosive Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia on DVD January 6th.

We’ve seen the plight of Chris Burnett (Owen Wilson) and Lt. Bobby James (Nicholas Gonzalez), but now it’s onto the story of a team of Navy SEALs working to prevent an international disaster. In the midst of a crisis between the Columbian government and insurgent guerillas, the U.S. government sends a group of men to secretly observe a meeting between the opposing sides to ensure they reach a peaceful solution. What was once a mission of hope becomes one of murder after the meeting is ambushed and the groups’ leaders are murdered. The SEALs are framed for the attack, abandoned by their government and left to fend for themselves, all while trying to prove their innocence and stop Columbia’s war from crossing the border.

Huge explosions and massive amounts of firearms are expected in a film such as this, so what else could there be to spice up an already explosive thriller? A WWE superstar, Mr. Kennedy (Ken Anderson), who plays Chief Carter Holt, the leader of the Navy SEALs team.

The next element that could make this war flick more fiery than the next: bonus material. You cannot include memorizing blasts and gun battle without a detailed explanation of how those scenes were assembled. This disc comes with six featuettes: “The Big Guns: Military Action On Film,” “Colombia Norte: On Location In Puerto Rico,” “The Rocket’s Red Glare: Explosions Explained,” “Art Of The Fall: Stunt Secrets,” “Comedy In Colombia: Bloopers & Other Relief ” and “Stars With Stripes: Casting Joe & Mr. Kennedy.” Not enough? You’ll also get commentary with director Tim Matheson as well as actors Joe Manganiello and Ken Anderson.

This type of film is targeting a very specific selection of movie lovers. If you crave pyrotechnics and action this disc certainly provides content worthy of your $26.98. And if you’re really a war junkie, maybe even the $34.98 for the two-disc special, which includes the original Behind Enemy Lines. But, then there’s the rest of us who say we hear enough about fighting and war on the news and decide to pass.

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