I have a feeling Corbin Bleu will forever be known as "High School Musical’s Corbin Bleu." At least, that’s the title that graces the cover of his latest film, Free Style. If you’ve got a crush on this curly-haired cutie or have a High School Musical fanatic in the family, you might want to think about picking this one up when it hits stores February 9th.

Cale Bryant (Bleu) always dreamed of being a professional motocross racer, but family troubles force him to put his hopes and dreams aside. It isn’t until he meets Alex (Sandra Echeverría) that he’s encouraged to hop back on his bike and finally become the champion he knows he’s destined to be.

This has "Tween-Only" written all over it. Free Style hit theaters on October 9th and was on its way out just two weeks later. It only took in about $141,000 at the domestic box office, but in the film’s defense, it was only shown in 260 theaters. It looks like the studio could be pinning the failure on the lack of appeal of the whole motocross element, because unlike the theatrical poster, the DVD cover is completely stripped of any athleticism and tries to pass the whole thing off as a love story. DVD Town doesn’t mention the inclusion of any bonus material, but considering the disc only costs $22.98, that’s acceptable.

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