It's a question that's been addressed and mulled over on comics pages several times over the decades, so it's no surprise that somebody eventually made an entire movie about it: what happens to the supervillain after he finally defeats his heroic nemesis? That's the concept behind Paramount's Megamind, which hits Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow. After many battles, Megamind (voiced by Will Ferrell) finally offs his rival Metro Man (v. Brad Pitt)...and then discovers that his fleeting victory is followed only by crushing boredom. Desperate for something to occupy his time, he sets out to create a new "hero" to battle...but unfortunately he doesn't make the best choice when it comes to candidates.

With the flick about to fly onto home video, Paramount has sent along a clip from the movie's bonus features. Below, you can see producer Lara Breay introduce the scene that's been rescued from the cutting-room floor. Taking place shortly after Metro Man's defeat, it shows Megamind beginning to realize just how Pyrrhic his victory may have been (and they said I'd never use my English degree...)

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