Nineteen eighty-seven was a simpler time. A time when Patrick Swayze was still proudly rocking the mullet, but had not yet achieved the apex of his power (that'd be Road House). Jennifer Grey still had her old nose. Along came a little film called Dirty Dancing, and America learned that while some people might be inclined to try putting Baby in a corner, any attempts to do so would ultimately fail.

Just in time for Mother's Day, Lionsgate is returning to the well and releasing another Blu-ray and two-disc DVD edition of Dirty Dancing. Lionsgate is bringing the full Swayze May 4th with the Limited Edition Keepsake Edition, and they certainly aren't scrimping on extras. The set includes all the extras from previous releases, plus almost a dozen new featurettes and the inevitable Patrick Swayze tributes. The flick has also been remastered, because clearly Dirty Dancing is a movie that demands a pristine presentation. Both the Blu-ray and DVD versions will come with a 52-page hardcover commemorative book, plus a coupon for fifty bucks off a stay at "the real Kellerman's Resort (Mountain Lake Hotel in Virginia)." Never having sat through DD, I have no idea what that means, but coupons are always nice. The Blu-ray version also comes with a digital-copy disc. Blu-ray will run you $34.99, and the two-disc DVD $29.98.

Dirty Dancing: Limited Keepsake Edition
  • Kellerman’s: Reliving the Locations of the Film [NEW]
  • Patrick Swayze Tribute [NEW]
  • Dirty Dancing: The Phenomenon [NEW]
  • In Memoriam [NEW]
  • Fan Reel [NEW]
  • Patrick Swayze, The Rhythm of Dancing [NEW]
  • Dancing to the Music [NEW]
  • Never-Before-Seen Photo Keepsakes [NEW]
  • Eleanor Bergstein's Script [NEW]
  • Commentary with Eleanor Bergstein
  • Jennifer Grey Screen Test
  • Commentary with Kenny Ortega, Miranda Garrison, Jeff Jur, Hilary Rosenfeld, David Chapman
  • Jennifer Grey Interview
  • Miranda Garrison Interview
  • Kenny Ortega Interview
  • Eleanor Bergstein Interview
  • Emile Ardolino Tribute
  • "Hungry Eyes" Video
  • "She’s Like the Wind" Video
  • "I’ve Had the Time of My Life" Video
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Trivia Track
  • Patrick Swayze Screen Test
  • Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze
  • Tribute to Jerry Orbach
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Alternate Scenes
  • Extended Scenes
  • Outtakes
  • Multi-Angle Dance Sequence
  • Interactive Photo Gallery

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