Hollywood is falling all over itself trying to find ways to cash in on the Twilight phenomenon (if I’d know a few years ago there was a market for shoddily-written tween vampire porn-lite, I’d be very rich right now), but the intersection of the supernatural and cynical youth-targeted marketing is nothing new. Back in the day – “the day” herein referring to 1996 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer was just a crappy movie with a memorable performance by Paul Reubens. With no Buffy, Willow, and Xander to turn to, the closest we could manage was Sarah (Robin Tunney), Nancy (Fairuza Balk), Bonnie (Neve Campbell), and Rochelle (Rachel True), four nubile young witches with a knack for The Craft. You’ll be able to get into the Halloween spirit when The Craft hits Blu-ray on October 13th. Or just ogle the girls in high definition. Either way’s cool.

I managed to get through high school without a Neve Campbell fixation, my Robin Tunney fixation didn’t spawn until Prison Break, I don’t even know who Rachel True is, and Fairuza Balk will always be Dorothy from Return to Oz to me. I’ve never seen The Craft is what I’m trying to say here. So I can’t speak to quality, but if you’re already a fan or are curious about what the mid-90s had to say about the dangers of young women practicing witchcraft before the age of consent, here’s your chance.

On the special-features front, The Craft Blu-ray will conjure up a commentary with director Andrew Fleming, three deleted scenes, a “Conjuring The Craft" featurette, talent profiles, an isolated score by composer Graeme Revell, and BD-Live access. It’ll cost you $24.95. But more importantly, when the hell do we get Return to Oz on Blu-ray? It's about time my childhood nightmares about the head-swapping Mombi were upgraded to high definition.

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