Game Of Thrones' Maisie Williams Celebrates Sophie Turner's Birthday With Hilariously Non-Epic Throwback Pic, Complete With A Poem

In a true sisterly fashion, Maisie Williams took to Instagram to wish her Game of Thrones sister Sophie Turner a happy name day, as they’d say on the hit fantasy series, in the most fitting, non-epic, hilarious way. The actress behind Arya Stark took to socials to wish her longtime TV sister the happiest of birthdays by way of an old throwback picture and some humorous poetry to round out the message, and it's amazing. 

The actress behind Sansa Stark turned 27 today, and in honor of her TV sister, Williams decided to go way back in the camera roll to find an image that might be from 2011 to honor her longtime friend. However, the fun doesn't stop there, because not only did the actress post this hilariously non-epic photo on her Instagram stories, she complimented it with a poem, check it out: 

Maisie Williams wishes Sophie Turner happy birthday by posting throwback photo and a poem.

(Image credit: Maisie Williams' Instagram)

It looks like the two girls are eating their meal with towels over their costumes, so they don’t get them dirty, while they were in the midst of filming an early season of Game of Thrones. Considering photo dumps on Instagram these days are always riddled with candid, and occasionally mundane yet entertaining photos, like this one, it feels on brand for Williams to post a photo like this in celebration of Turner. 

While I love the non-epic throwback pick from the early Thrones days, I think the poem is my favorite bit of this post. You can read Williams', dare I say genius with a hint of sarcasm, poem a bit closer here:

Roses are red, / your hair is red, / my eyes are red, / your fingers are red.

True poetry, if I do say so myself. I feel like if Arya Stark were forced to write poetry, it would turn out something like this. I don’t think our favorite assassin would write the most profound poetry and would lean more into the literal, exactly like Williams did. 

This post also served as a wholesome reminder of how close the two Stark sisters are outside of Game of Thrones. The Sansa actress explained a while back that she and her TV sister would hang out and just “sit there and eat and watch stupid videos and smoke weed" during a shoot, and sometimes they’d even get high in the bathtub. Both Williams and Turner have also spoken openly about how much they love each other, and even all these years after the show ended, it’s nice to see them still having fun with one another. 

The two are so close there was even a bit of speculation that if they were in a romantic relationship. They never were, however, they would kiss on set sometimes, just to play into the bit and goof around. 

Sadly, the two haven’t been seen together on screen in a while, however, Williams has been talking more about her Game of Thrones days recently. She opened up about the news that her TV brother Kit Harington is working on coming back for a Jon Snow spinoff, and she revealed her brutally honest thoughts about GOT’s ending

I really hope that Turner and Williams get together sometime in the future to talk about their time on Thrones, especially now that they are so many years removed from the show. Based on the fact that they still clearly care for each other, it feels like that’s possible. However, in the meantime, we can sit here and enjoy this hilarious birthday post from the actress behind Arya to the actress behind Sansa. 

While Game of Thrones might be over, the stories of Westeros are far from done, as House of the Dragon was the show of the summer, and a second season is on the way. You can also always go back and watch the series that started not only the Game of Thrones universe but the iconic friendship between Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams with an HBO Max subscription

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