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Get locked and loaded, online shooter fans, because Red 5 Studios, Inc. has finally put a launch date on its highly anticipated open-world MMO romp, Firefall, which will bring the hurt to a PC near you come July 29.

I remember the first time I heard about Firefall, a game that promised loads of competitive and cooperative shooting action wrapped in the warm and inviting blanket of an MMO. About five years ago, that seemed like a crazy pipedream that I couldn’t wait to see realized. Sure, a number of other titles have since launched and delivered shooty goodness with big communities, but now Firefall is ready to step into the ring and show gamers what it has to offer.

Firefall showcases a true AAA MMO experience with fast-paced combat, action-packed missions and quests, and a beautiful, vibrant world that has been expanded for launch with two new continents full of content and multiple story-driven instances,” reads the launch announcement from Red 5.

The game has been through a gauntlet of betas at this point and, come July 29, it looks like the team is ready to push the “live” button and let players run wild. You’ll begin your journey as an ARES pilot, a group of badass soldiers on a quest to rid the planet of a group of invading aliens known as “The Chosen.” What were they chosen for? Getting their faces shot off, obviously. While experiencing the game’s main story, you’ll earn all kinds of upgrades and new abilities to make your toon and their gear better than ever.

“We designed a game with an extremely passionate and talented team,” said Red 5 CEO James Macauley. “But Firefall wasn’t complete until we were able to incorporate the invaluable feedback from our enthusiastic community during the beta period. Firefall is as much their game as it is ours.”

Holding betas early enough to gain feedback and implement it before launch, rather than just testing the server load…Now there’s an interesting thought.

Along with the campaign missions and side quests, players will be able to jump into dynamic events that will pop up all over the map and have invaded half of the big MMOs on the market these days. That is, of course, because they’re a heck of a lot of fun, drawing in loads of players to momentarily work as a team to take on a big objective. There’s also all of the PvP you could hope for, offering up competitive rounds for teams to battle over outposts and resources instead of just fighting the alien threat all of the time.

Another huge plus that seems to be working out nicely for modern MMOs: Firefall will be a free-to-play game upon launch with your typical cosmetic and convenience items up for purchase for those who want to chip in for all of those virtual bullets they’ll be shooting.

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