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Nintendo has revealed its plans for E3 2015, ranging from pre-event festivities on June 14 and running straight into the big show from June 16-18. Alongside a virtual press conference and live show floor coverage of all things Nintendo, the Big N has announced the revival of a classic event, The Nintendo World Championships.

Many of you may not be old (or hipster) enough to remember The Wizard, a family-friendly film starring Fred Savage on a quest to get his little brother to a competition hosted by Nintendo, where Super Mario Bros. 3 was revealed. The following year, The Nintendo World Championships 1990 took place, pitting gamers against one another in rounds of Tetris, Rad Racer and more.

Nintendo yesterday pulled back the curtain on its plans for this year’s E3 trade show, kicking things off with a video announcing a revitalized World Championship that will take place in just a matter of weeks. In the video, Nintendo North America President Reggie Fils-Aime pitches the team on the big event before going into a training mantage. He’s seen bench pressing Super Scopes, cheating at Track and Field and even jogging in Little Mac’s pink hoodie.

You can check out the video below, which touts the final showdown for June 14, following qualifying events on May 30. You’ll want to visit the official website for full details on how to get involved.

This seems like one of those classic Nintendo ideas that is going to pay off in spades. The Wii U’s future is a bit murky and the 3DS is doing just fine, but Nintendo has announced that it won’t be bringing up its new console during this year’s E3 show. Rather than worry about what’s to come, it looks like the publisher is focusing on celebrating several decades’ worth of beloved games with this pre-show event.

That’s not to say that the road ahead will be ignored, however, as Nintendo’s E3 plans extend beyond the World Championships. As in recent years, Nintendo will forego a big press conference in favor of one of its digital events, set for 9 a.m. PT on June 16. These shows are actually a pretty great idea, as they allow Nintendo to carefully control the content and message, cramming in loads of games and chats with developers without having to worry about dead air, audience response or demonstrations that freeze up.

Following the digital event, the Nintendo Treehouse staff will be on the floor throughout the entire show, bringing more interviews, demonstrations and trailers your way through a live stream. We also expect more Amiibos, because Amiibos.

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