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It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like Homefront: The Revolution may hit store shelves in just a few months. The source of this information, though, is a bit unexpected.

According to reservation cards popping up at Target stores, Homefront: The Revolution is set to launch on May 17 of this year for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For those unfamiliar with reservation cards, they’re basically $1 reservations for games that guarantee you’ll have a copy of, say, Homefront: The Revolution, when it finally launches.

Since no word has rolled out from Deep Silver, however, we have to take this kind of announcement with a grain of salt. Is it likely that the cards simply hit a few store shelves a bit earlier than intended and the May 17 date will hold firm? Absolutely. Still, we don’t want to bank on anything until we get official word.

As for where this news is coming from, the answer is handy members of the gaming public. The folks over at Xbox Achievements received a picture of one of the reservation cards for Homefront this morning, and everything certainly appears to be on the up and up.

In case you’ve forgotten why Homefront: The Revolution is worth keeping an eye on, here’s a gander at one of the game’s more recent trailers.

Obviously, if this date holds firm, that’s big news for fans of the series. Homefront: The Revolution appeared to shaping up quite nicely, with an expected launch date for the first-person shooter expected in 2015. Then, in March of last year, Deep Silver announced that the project was taking a bit longer than expected to put together and was being pushed into 2016.

And that’s basically the last we’ve heard of the game until now. The folks over at Deep Silver have apparently had their heads down while quietly working on the game. If we see an actual launch in May, that’ll certainly be a nice Q2 surprise.

It’s a little shocking, though, that the timing of a May launch of Homefront wouldn’t allow the game to make one more round through a conference or two. It would be nice to test drive the game in a more current form. Getting in a big reveal and showing might also help build hype for the game.

Then again, if Deep Silver waited until E3 to make a launch announcement, they’d probably be gunning for a launch during an already crowded Fall. Maybe it’s best to get the game out now, when it would have fewer first-person shooters to compete with.

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