Homefront: The Revolution Wants Your Face

Ever considered that your mug would look really good in a video game? Well, you just might get a chance to see your face on one of the many characters in Deep Silver's latest edition of Homefront: The Revolution.

Deep Silver's Dambuster Studios is currently working on Homefront and it's looking for a few choice candidates to model. They'll scan your face into the game and slap it on a character.

Eurogamer picked up the news from over on the official Dambuster website, noting that Dambuster is looking for both male and female models. Accepted candidates will have their faces added to the game to improve Homefront's diversity for the fictional take on an occupied Philadelphia.

There are a few conditions that apply. Here's what the application page says:

The scanning process takes around 30 minutes. You will be asked to sit in front of our cameras and have a series of photos taken of your face while you make a set of expressions (smile, mouth open, angry etc).We'll be scheduling sessions to run throughout the year so please be patient if you don't hear from us immediately.This process is in aid of finding characters to be used as NPC's and not for any main protagonists.

So even if your dream of appearing in a game is slightly dampened by the fact that you won't be a main character, at least being appropriated as an NPC still keeps the dream alive.

The only other hurdle is that Deep Silver won't be providing accommodations or any financial reimbursement for people who have to travel to Nottingham, England. It'll be up to you to deal with the travel costs.

The process itself will include the 3D scanning technology to map out your face and head and have it cleaned up for use in Homefront: The Revolution. It's a common practice to flesh out individual NPCs and AI without hiring modelers or artists to manually create a whole bunch of different heads and faces. Another alternative that they sometimes use is randomly generating faces based on scanned parts of different faces.

Based on the language used in the application, it looks like Homefront: The Revolution is a very, very long ways away from release, given that they'll be scanning in new faces throughout the year.

The game was delayed to 2016, but this latest development seems to point to a mid-to-late 2016 release, especially if they're still working on assets throughout most of 2015.

Homefront: The Revolution has been on the receiving end of a lot of developmental hurdles, mostly due to Crytek closing up shop on the game and focusing on a support role for the CryEngine.

The financial troubles that Crytek suffered throughout 2014 almost left Homefront without a home. However, Deep Silver stepped in to rescue the game, and it's now back on schedule for a release on home consoles and PC.

You can learn more about the modeling opportunity by paying a visit to the official Dambuster website. And remember, you must be 18 years of age or older.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.