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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment released a 12 second teaser video for Titanfall 2 ahead of the game's official gameplay reveal set to take place during Electronic Arts' EA Play conference this upcoming Sunday.

The Titanfall 2 clip is short and sweet as you can see above, and it does just enough to whet the appetite for major reveal set to take place over the weekend. As noted by Gamespot, the clip features quite a bit of visual content within a short span of time.

We see that things start in what looks like an abandoned processing or mining facility, presumably deep underground. We see a pulley system with a line of carts moving across the aerial conveyor. We see logos on the wall, likely indicating the mining company working the spacious shafts, and we see that there is some sort of molten liquid running at the bottom of the pyramid shaped inventory facilities. Based on the design it's tough to tell what role this factory will play in Titanfall 2, but obviously it will hold some sort of significance given that it's the first place they show in the clip.

Next up, we see an iconic shot of one of the drop-pods coming in from out of orbit. It's burning in fast above a clouded mist in what looks like a mountainous region. If you look closely in the background, more of those pyramid type buildings appear, indicating that maybe the orbital drop and the interior factory shot have more in common than what you might have originally thought. Again, the significance of those pyramids in Titanfall 2 have not been explained... yet.

The clip showing the drop-in also briefly showcases a couple of other pods coming in from out of the sky as well, likely verifying that it's either a team mission or a couple of Titan pilots decided to head to the factory to investigate something... or maybe even provide backup. We see another pod falling in from the sky heading in the opposite direction, so could this mean they're about to engage in some PvP? Or is this a clip of Titanfall 2's highly anticipated campaign mode?

The final clip for the Titanfall sequel shows a soldier out of the freshly opened drop pod, standing just in front of a Titan that clinches its fist as the clip fades to black. There are a couple of things worth noting in the shot, such as the crane in the background with what looks like another ship attached to it. Could it be that another group landed there, crashed and then sent out an S.O.S.? It's impossible to tell.

Additionally, the clip seems to tie into the other two clips given that the facility appears to be attached to the underground factory we see in the first clip. How can that be known? Well, there's no way to know until they fully unveil the full clip this Sunday, but the center structure of the facility seems to have what's either a giant drill or some sort of energy mechanics that drives deep underground. The tubes connecting to the cylindrical device also appear to dive deep underground. The alternative is that maybe it's a launchpad for spaceships? But all the nearby rocks and uneven terrain makes that seem improbable.

Of course, gamers excited about the upcoming Titanfall sequel will find out exactly what's going on when the game is officially unveiled this Sunday during the EA Play conference, which is going to be a hot way to kick off the hotly anticipated week of E3 news.

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