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Microsoft already had their press conference this morning, announcing two new consoles and a collection of game announcements, but Sony's press conference isn't until later on today. And you can watch the press conference live stream here on Gaming Blend.

PlayStation fans have been waiting to hear more news about the new and more powerful PlayStation Neo. And while that will no doubt be the star of the show, there will also be a number of games to keep an eye out for.

PlayStation Neo games will receive a boost in performance and will support Ultra HD Blu-Ray, for movies, games and TV in crisp, clear definition. And because the new console isn't a "new, new" console generation, all games playable on the PlayStation Neo will also still be playable on the regular PS4. It's widely known that the PlayStation Neo will be a much more powerful, much faster console to make the gameplay experience smoother and more comfortable.

Every game that launches after October this year will have to make their games playable on both the PS4 and the PlayStation Neo.

I'm probably biased because I have always been a PlayStation fan and I've always seen Sony as being ahead of Microsoft in the console wars. While Sony seems to get things right from the start, Microsoft is usually left scrambling around to fix things or make things better. Just this morning, Xbox announced that they were also coming out with a very powerful console that would be VR-compatible, but that it wasn't coming out until Christmas next year. And I made the point that a lot can change in 1.5 years. What if virtual reality advances drastically over the course of a year and a half? Can we safely assume Microsoft will just have to adapt on the fly? Who knows, what if the new thing next Christmas isn't VR headsets anymore, but VR might be totally transformed into full-on suits. And before you know it, we're able to run in place in real-life to transform the action into actual running in-game. Suddenly, video gaming is no longer a stand-still activity, but something as physical as you'd like it to be. If we're at that point by next Christmas, where does that leave Xbox's VR console? Now Xbox hasn't come out and said they are creating their own headset like Sony. All we know is that the new Xbox One will be compatible with VR devices. So I guess Xbox has left themselves a little wiggle room. We'll just have to see what Sony comes up with in today's press conference.

You can watch the press conference at 5:30 PM PST right here during the live stream in the above video. There's a countdown on the video if you press "play" right now.

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