Here's What The New Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition Will Include

Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition
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Bethesda wants to bring in a new crowd to Elder Scrolls Online. They're doing so by releasing a new Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition, which will contain lots of previously released content in one package.

Gamespot did a detailed report on the new Gold Edition, breaking down the contents that will be available when the package launches on September 9th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The package will come with the base game, as well as four of the major expansion packs released for the Elder Scrolls Online since its debut back in 2014. The entire package will run you a breezy $59.99 if you get it for home console or PC.

The four expansion packs will include the Imperial City, which includes a new location in Cyrodiil that offers up new quests and activities within ZeniMax Online's MMORPG, this includes two all new dungeons such as the White-Gold Tower and the Imperial City Prison Dungeons, as well as new enemy forces to face off against across six districts.

Orsinium is also included in the Gold Edition of Elder Scrolls Online, offering players 20 additional hours of gameplay on top of what you get with the Imperial City expansion and the base game's storyline. There is a single-player arena mode included where players will face off against increasingly difficult monsters, as well as public dungeons that can be run with friends or unknown allies alike.

The Thieves Guild is the third entry in the four packs, it sees players joining the likes of thieves who pickpocket, rob, loot and steal from others. New enemies, new mounts and new skills were included in this particular pack, along with a quest line that follows the dangerous mercenary group known as the Iron Wheel.

The final of the four pack is called the Dark Brotherhood, this was one of the more recent packs that takes place across the Gold Coast, where players will join the Brotherhood in their attempt to defeat a black-clad warrior who they feel can destroy and disband their cult. When discussing the Dark Brotherhood expansion at E3 it received a lot of positive feedback from the members in the audience. That's because it improves on the assassination builds in the game, enabling players to adapt their character to more stealth-oriented gameplay using the new passive skills.

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition will also include all of the previously released balance patches, so that the game operates as smoothly as possible.

This new iteration of the game will arrive following the upcoming Shadows of the Hist expansion, which will give ESO players two new dungeons to run, including Ruins of Mazzatun and the Cradle of Shadows. Each of these dungeons will allow for up to four players to team together and cooperatively take down the foes inside. The newest expansion will launch on August 1st for PC and on August 16 for the Xbox One and PS4.

Elder Scrolls Online originally got off to a rocky start, but it appears as if it has found its niche within the world of MMO gaming and is holding steady with keeping the interest of the players.

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